Friday, July 31, 2009

Escape with The Pierces

I personally feel like the summer is supposed to be about an escape. Honestly, what is the point of getting a release from your job or school if you can't have a real adventure.

My desires for an escapade were answered when I checked out The Pierces. I loved their psychedelic tunes that took me to another world. Their song “Secret” reminded me of something out of an Italian mafia. The melody took me to a romantic fantasy land despite the lyrics that spoke of death and secrecy. I'm going to make sure I don't tell a secret on those girls. I like my life.

Then their song “Boring” had a beautiful melody that made my life look like something out of a book on lint. Paris, France, a sexy boy, and finding the love of your life all sound awesome to me, but these girls seem to find them boring. But maybe the message is to appreciate what you already have instead of dwelling on what sounds cool. I don't know about them, but all that still sounds amazing to me.

“Go to Heaven” definitely put my feelings in happy mode. Their soothing voices took me to cloud 9 as their sweet melodies floated throughout the song. The 60s was calling my name as their peaceful tunes reminiscent of that time harmonized in my ears.

The Pierces took me on a journey today. Their lovely melodies were able to take me on a dreamy summer vacation that I'm sure to never forget.


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