Monday, August 3, 2009

My Rocker Musical Influences

Growing up in this crazy city, I've always been surrounded by music. It's such a wonderful part of me that I could never do without. But the type of music that rocked my world for most of my life wasn't rock. The rough head-bangin tunes of rap and hip-hop were a major influence in most of my young life. Then there was also the soulful sounds of R & B and the hip-jerking vibes of soca and reggae that strongly influenced my musical yearning ears.

All this music had my heart spinning in an urge for a taste of what each had to give. But then there was this one genre that I felt I needed to pay more attention to. Rock made major points with me during my teen years. It took me to another world from what I was used to and I liked it. It was something that I could truly connect with during my grim days and even gave me some confidence. Yet, I felt alone in this connection. Most of my peers were into the musical influences of my younger years. It had me wondering “Don't people listen to rock in Brooklyn?” It was always the latest Jay-Z song bumping through car speakers rather than the latest Evanescence song. My rocker ears felt alone at home.

Yet, after going off to college and gaining a little experience in the frigid north country was when I got to go through rock music with others. I got to explore the musical depths of the rock genre by seeing it come alive. Yes! Now I can live in a world of many musical tunes and not feel alone anymore. Where were you fellow rockers? Y'all left me hangin' for a while. But now I'm happy to dwell in this musical bliss in my home of Brooklyn and at school upstate too. Although, one thing I'd like to hear more in rock is more female sounds in today's mainstream music. It's there, but it's not loud enough. In some genres, women voices are heard and they are screaming their heads off. Rocker femmes keep doing your thing. The rock world would definitely be better with your musical tunes added in a bit more. Heh, a lot more.


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