Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A 20-year-olds' Dilemma

Being 20 is so cool. I'm finally out of my teenage years and sometimes I actually get treated like an adult. I've gained a lot of privileges and responsibilities over the past few months. Yet, there's still so much I can't do. I am so close yet so far from the ultimate 21-year-olds' dream of being able to drink. That also means being able to go into bars where these beverages are. I'm not much of a drinker, but one thing I've noticed about bars is that it's where all the action is. There's always some form of entertainment going on. Sometimes, there are even live shows of an awesome band. It just sucks that just because of my age, I can't enjoy the pleasure of rockin' tunes from a couple of my favorite groups. I can't even be introduced to the experience of a new band because of that one number. Being 20 is great, but I'm caught in middle of being an adult and not being to do everything I want. I'm just feeling the underage blues.


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