Friday, July 31, 2009

Escape with The Pierces

I personally feel like the summer is supposed to be about an escape. Honestly, what is the point of getting a release from your job or school if you can't have a real adventure.

My desires for an escapade were answered when I checked out The Pierces. I loved their psychedelic tunes that took me to another world. Their song “Secret” reminded me of something out of an Italian mafia. The melody took me to a romantic fantasy land despite the lyrics that spoke of death and secrecy. I'm going to make sure I don't tell a secret on those girls. I like my life.

Then their song “Boring” had a beautiful melody that made my life look like something out of a book on lint. Paris, France, a sexy boy, and finding the love of your life all sound awesome to me, but these girls seem to find them boring. But maybe the message is to appreciate what you already have instead of dwelling on what sounds cool. I don't know about them, but all that still sounds amazing to me.

“Go to Heaven” definitely put my feelings in happy mode. Their soothing voices took me to cloud 9 as their sweet melodies floated throughout the song. The 60s was calling my name as their peaceful tunes reminiscent of that time harmonized in my ears.

The Pierces took me on a journey today. Their lovely melodies were able to take me on a dreamy summer vacation that I'm sure to never forget.


Cherie Martorana-A Rock Chick to Admire

Today, I wrapped up my interview with Cherie Martorana, a true blue rocker chick that has taken the city by storm. The New York local is truly a jack of all musical trades. Ms. M. is the lead female singer of 80s cover band Rubix Cube, a back up singer for Moby's rock blues band-The Little Death NYC and is best known as Cherieoke/Bible Babe at Monday night live rock'n'roll karaoke at Arlene's Grocery. It was a joy to speak to such a talent and hear all about the things she's accomplished in her music career. Keep a look out for the interview in the near future. For the mean time, be sure to check Cherie out at any of her upcoming gigs.

-Ang xoxo

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A 20-year-olds' Dilemma

Being 20 is so cool. I'm finally out of my teenage years and sometimes I actually get treated like an adult. I've gained a lot of privileges and responsibilities over the past few months. Yet, there's still so much I can't do. I am so close yet so far from the ultimate 21-year-olds' dream of being able to drink. That also means being able to go into bars where these beverages are. I'm not much of a drinker, but one thing I've noticed about bars is that it's where all the action is. There's always some form of entertainment going on. Sometimes, there are even live shows of an awesome band. It just sucks that just because of my age, I can't enjoy the pleasure of rockin' tunes from a couple of my favorite groups. I can't even be introduced to the experience of a new band because of that one number. Being 20 is great, but I'm caught in middle of being an adult and not being to do everything I want. I'm just feeling the underage blues.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Female's Survival Guide to the Music Industry

If I've said it before, I'll say it again: The music industry is still a boys club. While women have made more leeway into this business, it can still be a struggle. I consider myself lucky to have had few but strong female influences in my life. There was my who aunt managed big name rock bands in the Philippines and her then girlfriend, a well known rock radio personality. I'm a former intern of Ariel Publicity, an independent music cyber PR firm, and worked closely with publicist and social media queen Ariel Hyatt. Which now brings me to Girls Rock Girls Rule, a team of fierce females who are dedicated to making the music world more rocker chick friendly. From my early teens to my early 20s, I share with you the advice I received and the wisdom I learned to help me make it as a female in the music industry.

1. The best parts of your body? Your head, your mouth, and your backbone.
These are the three most powerful things that a female should use to be respected in this industry. Sometimes women aren't taken seriously cause they're "too feminine", "too delicate" or "too sexy". For any woman who wants to lead in the business, you got to think smart, speak your mind and stand tall. You don't want to be walked over and the last thing you want to do be chosen off the casting couch. Remember, a pretty face is nothing without a smart mind inside it.

2. Open your horizons. You never know when opportunity will come knocking.
I never knew exactly what I wanted to do in the music industry, I just knew I wanted a place in it. I went to college to mainly focus on Journalism. Little did I know that I'd end up doing plenty of things that opened up opportunities in the music industry. Along with writing about music and entertainment, I produced rock shows, helped manage bands, did publicity, booked shows, hosted shows and did radio promo. Phew! I did a lot and currently I know that my many talents can take me down many paths of the business. Also, don't let misconceptions hold you back. I was told once that men make better managers and booking agents because they were more dominant and aggressive. I worked at a booking agency where the staff was predominantly male and I was just as tough as them.

3. Be careful mixing your business and personal life.
This is one of the toughest things I learned and believe me I learned the hard way. I've had musicians try to buddy up to me because I had connections and I've had "friends" try to have fun on my expense because I hung out with rockstars. You will come across people like this someday. And whatever you do, don't fall for musicians or anyone who tries to romance you purposely to get ahead in their career. Surround yourself with people who have your best interest and that are completely genuine, whether it's your business partners or your clique. Don't ever let anyone take advantage of the fruit of YOUR labors.

4. Be prepared for the worst.
I remember I worked for a band that I loved dearly. One day, that band broke up. When I received the news, I felt like I broke up with five guys all in one day. Things like this happen. Bands break up. Bands may break up with you and hire someone else. Another person might be offered a job you really had your heart set on. Don't be so down about it. If there's one thing I have mastered by working in this business, it's resiliency. Get back up and put your heart into something else. Your career is over when YOU say it's over.

5.Be true to yourself.
The music business is quite glamorous. Parties. Beautiful and fascinating people. Sex,drugs and rock'n'roll. Having a social life in this atmosphere is fun and exciting. The best advice I can give is don't get caught up in it. If you really have a passion for this business and really want to succeed, you know that that stuff isn't important. It takes hard work and effort. If all you wanna do is party and have fun, go call up Paris Hilton and have her show you how to be come a celebutante.

I hope that this has been helpful for those aspiring rocktistas out there and that this paves the road for more females to be successful in the music business. What are some of the best advice and lessons you've learned and would like to share? COMMENT!

-Ang xoxo

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Raveonettes fly high with their unique sounds

I am definitely up for music with an eclectic mixture of sounds. Who doesn't love a musical blend to liven up their day? One group I came across with this blend was The Raveonettes. The duo has a real hardcore edge to their music. “Aly Walk With Me” had an awesome guitar tune that had a real melancholy feel to it. The guitar gets more intense as it entraps me in a blanket of rough sound. The ringing bell throughout the song also put a unique sense to their music as it also made my tummy rumble. Then their song “Bubblegum” took me to another level. The beginning immediately put me in the 50s with its slow, body-swaying tune. Yet, the song stayed consistent with their sound since they couldn't leave out the intense guitar. This band for sure had a good sense for something different. Yet, they weren't afraid to bring back the raw guitar as it kept me at peace in a cocoon of a musical sound.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lyrics, Melodies and Tunes-Oh My!

It's come down to my deadline and I've finished a couple days early. The wait ends, I HAVE A SONG!

BUT, you're not going to see it just yet because you will be able to hear it. With the help of the GRGR fam, we've come together for a little impromptu song writing workshop to fine tune my song as well as playing around with a melody for it. In the near future(and I mean very near) we will be video blogging the finished project on the GRGR YouTube site.

I'm really excited and I can't believe how far I've come. To think that what was just something to get my emotions out on some guy turned into this project that I've taken a lot of pride in. It's been quite the journey with this song from expanding my creative horizons to personal growth.

Until next time,
-Ang xoxo

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blondie, Pat Benatar and The Donnas on the road TOGETHER

The only thing I can really say is "OH MY GOD!" Two of the first pioneer female rock artists performing on stage with one of today's most leading all female rock bands. Honestly, what else would you expect to come out of my mouth? The ladies kick off the Call Me Invincible tour today in Saratoga,CA and will be touring around the nation ending on August 23 in Houston, TX. If that isn't enough excitement for all you female rock lovers, the rock queens are playing a FREE SHOW at Coney Island on August 13 NY Asser Levy Park. I am beyond excited and with such a struggling economy, who would honestly be stupid enough to pass up a free show? I've grown to love Blondie and Pat Benatar over the years and I've been a huge admirer of The Donnas since the early start of their career and have been a loyal fan ever since. But I guess it's safe to say that I will be busy on August 13.

-Ang xoxo

Old School Blues Influences Women Rockers of Today

Blues is truly a terrific form of music. Listening to it is a real way to get down to the core of emotion. I know y'all rockers love the hard-core sound of a bit of metal, but the sound of blues ain't so bad. You must be wondering why I'm wasting my breath when this blog is called Girls Rock & Girls Rule? If you think about it, blues made a way for many rockers of today.

Women like Peggy 'Lady Bo' Jones made a strong impact during her time. She was discovered by the great Bo Diddley during the 50s and 60s. He taught her all she knew about the electric guitar. This New Yorker was known as a legend as she was named “Queen Mother of Guitar.” Now I would say that's a hot title coming from a lady of the blues. Another artist of this genre was Barbara Lynn from Beaumont, Texas. She gained the title “Empress of Gulf Coast Soul” as she rocked out the guitar in the early 1960s. Lynn was self-taught of this instrument and she was known to dazzle many with her soulful sounds. And then there was Memphis Minnie. She was a sister of the early 1900s born in Walls, Mississippi. This woman had a knack for playing the kind of guitar that would inspire future musicians. Minnie was a singer and a guitarist who truly made a name for herself in a music world full of men.

You must be asking what do these women have to do with the women rockers of today? They were in a genre dedicated to soothing the emotional sores of many through its riveting entrance to the soul. And they were rocking femmes who revolutionized the idea of women in music. They were the early guitarists of our time; the creators of a much-needed start for women. The blues was a cure for the troubled in hard times, but these ladies may have been some of the innovators for a future of women who rock.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun Night with the Ladies of GRGR

You know what's one great way to spend a hot, summer Thursday night? Rocking out with the ladies of GRGR. Marisa & Michele hosted the Girls Rock Girls Rule Rockin Summer BBQ/Showcase yesterday and I must say it was quite the show. There was a lot of wicked talent last night. I personally fell in love with the soulful voice of Alycea Ench. Her voice took me to another world. Then the ladies of Royal Pink excited me with their realness in what women want. The sounds of G-Spot was muy excelante as their energizing tunes had me speaking in another language. Then The Dirty Mothers showcased their talent proving that these hot mamas know how to rock. And then the last band for the night was Stark. They had the place exploding with such intense sound that it had my ear buds jumping around in a musical frenzy. Girl, what a night that was. We had an awesome crowd that kept the good vibes going and it was an overall great night. If you missed out this show, you missed a lot. But be sure to check us out next time.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

GRGR Rockin Summer BBQ and showcase

The amazing ladies of Girls Rock Girls Rule is ready to fuel the heat of the summer with their rockin BBQ and showcase. This lovely event takes place on Thursday, July 16 at Hanks Saloon. A line-up of fierce femme rockers like Royal Pink, G Spot, The Dirty Mothers, Stark, and Alycea Ench will hit up the scene with their awesome tunes. Marisa Mini (singer/guitarist of Marisa Mini & the Underage Hotties) and Michele the Vamp (singer of Loki the Grump) are hosting this stellar event. Early attendees get to enjoy a free bbq on behalf of the people of Hanks Saloon. Admission is $5( $10 for VIP) and includes raffle tickets for great prizes. This event is sure to fire up anyone's fizzled out summer day, so definitely come out. I know I will.


Greeting From Sunny Florida

Hey All,
Blogging to you all the way from beautiful Florida. While I've been busy seeing the sights and spending time with some good people, I just wanted to remind all you readers to support my girls by attending the big GRGR show on Thursday at Hank's Saloon. Unfortunately I won't be attending( I will be there in spirit, rocking my GRGR shirt down south), but come show all your love and support. From what I know there will be drinks, grub and some awesome bands rocking through the night. I can't think of a better way to spend a hot summer night than with the ladies of Girls Rock Girls Rule. So do me a solid and bring yourself and anyone you know to the show!

-Ang xoxo

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Love with The Plastiscines

The NYLON Summer Music Tour 2009 kicked off on June 4 and expanded throughout select cities in the United States and some in Canada. Artists like Patrick Wolf, Living Things, Jaguar Love, and The Plastiscines rocked the tour with their awesome sounds. Yet The Plastiscines definitely made their way onto the music scene with their revolutionary pop-punk tunes.

These French girls released their first album in 2007 called “LP1” (Virgin France). Now, they're ready for their follow-up album called “About Love” (Nylon Records), which I must say this is quite the record. “Barcelona” is perfect for when you want to catch that breeze as you head across the middle of nowhere on a road trip. Yes! Take me with you Plastiscines. I'm ready for a new journey. Then there's “Bitch,” a fun, poppy rockin tune celebrating these girls pride in being a B-I-T-C-H. What girl can't relate to having these moments once in a while especially during the summer. Then I heard this hot guitar tune in “Camera.” This one had my ears jumping around in a musical frenzy ready to bust out in back flips. I was all too happy already when this Brooklyn-born girl had to check out their track titled “Coney Island.” This was a more mellowed out sound which tuned down my excited buzz and put my heart more to rest. I can see myself listening to this song on a relaxing day on the beach.

If you missed out on any shows from the sizzling summer tour, then you should definitely check out this album. It had me in a wonderful summer daze. It is currently available digitally and is set for release in August 2009.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shira Girls Rock/Hip Hop Musical Explosion

I've always been a fan of hip-hop music. It's something that's surrounded my world since I was a little kid. It was almost all I knew in music until I got older and discovered the many awesome forms of music like R&B, pop, and of course rock. But all these genres were always so separated. They were like high school cliques that stayed far away from each other as their fans mainly stuck to genres only similar to each other afraid to merge. Yet, groups like Linkin Park, Jay Z, No Doubt, Aerosmith and others decided to break these barriers and create musical harmony for all.

And the musical collaborations didn't stop there. The Shira Girls, a rock and hip hop all girl group, has awesome tunes that has a real edgy vibe that reminded me of groups like Green Day and Good Charolette. But wow, they were rapping on a hot flow in their songs “Roll with the Crew” and “Reckless.” Yo, these head banging tunes were tempting my feet to run to the nearest drum set so I can bang out to their vivacious sound. (BTW, I'm not a drummer. But who wouldn't want to be one?) “Roll with the Crew” was a favorite for me. It pulled out my inner rocker as I threw my hands up in the air and rocked my shoulders back and forth to their hardcore sound.

The unique musical creation of these girls truly made my heart hyper. I almost felt like a kid again as I experienced another musical discovery for the night. I just want to "go, go, go" further into the realms of this punked out and swagger formed entity called Shira Girl and explore the wonders of genres working together one more time.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Women of Warped

For music junkies like myself, the Vans Warped Tour is one of the most highly anticipated concert tours of the summer. While there are TONS of bands to check out, GRGR has narrowed down some of the female acts to grace the stage on this year's tour.

Meg and Dia
: The sister duo made their first appearance on the Warped Tour in 2006. The ladies have also been featured on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack with their single "Roses".

Alana Grace
: This pop rock artist hails from good old New York City. Best known for her single "Black Roses Red" on The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
Alister M: An indie rock group that features female violinist Janelle Borsberry, beautiful and badass all at the same time!Nylon Pink-The Ting Tings meets Tila Tequila. This edgy pop rock band will definitely make a scene on this year's tour. If their music doesn't, their outrageous, eye catching fashion will.
I'm in love with their catchy single "Lipstick".
Picture Me Broken: Who says girls can't play screamo? Lead singer Layla proves that misconception to be wrong with her powerful voice. I've fallen in love with their song "Dearest(I'm So Sorry)". The song is fearless and fierce.

To check out some other female bands on tour as well as the rest of the line up, go to to see who's coming to a town near you!

-Ang xoxo

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Alanis Makes Guest Apperance on Weeds

Canadian rocker Alanis Morissette is hanging up her guitar temporarily and making a guest appearance on the Showtime sitcom Weeds. Morissette will be playing a doctor who cares for Mary-Louise Parker's pregnant character, Nancy Botwin. She is signed to appear on for seven episodes. For those of you unaware of the rocker chick's previous work on television, Morissette has also made appearances on Nip/Tuck, American Dreams, and Sex and the City. I personally have never watched Weeds but from what I've heard around the grapevine, it's a pretty good show. Now that Alanis Morissette will be around for a little while, I'll definitely be sure to check it out. Weeds airs Mondays at 10 pm.

Make Music New York: Setting the Tone for Summer

Make Music New York hit town on the first official day of summer (June 21), enticing the city's musical desires for a third year in a row. Nearly 900 concerts created the day of nonstop music from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m. and beyond. Genres like reggae, classical, jazz, rock music and more each spiced up the dreary day -- and of course, plenty of women rocked the streets and the stages.

The Brooklyn Historical Society, for example, showcased its very own rockin' chicks, hosting the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls show in downtown Brooklyn. This Brooklyn-based organzation has been a part of this MMC for the past two years.

“It's such a fun festival to be a part of,” said Sady Sullivan, a volunteer and staff member at the Brooklyn Historical Society, for whom the festival was a great way for her to combine her volunteer job and her regular job. The concert included young girls and WMRC volunteers playing in their own bands. Twilight at the Idle kicked off the day with its jazzy yet rocker feel -- with a drummer and a singer on keyboard. Rickie Gal, pianist of the group and piano instructor of the camp, said sie loves contributing to the camp. “I think Willie Mae does a great job,” sie said. Another band, The Crinolines possessed both skill and swagger that got the crowd going. Singer Leu Chekowsky, who said she didn't know she would like playing music when she first got started, thought Make Music New York was awesome in that it allows many people to play music together at the same time.

Women for sure spoke up and played hard at Punk Island. Governor's Island was scattered with stages where bands spewed out various types punk rock all day long and the women definitely rocked among the loudest of them. Bands like S.M.U.T., Vagiant, and the Percocettes were a few standouts showcasing their kick-ass groves.

Fan Pat Mitchell said he really liked ShiraGirl, a Brooklyn-based group. “They were poppy, but punk enough,” Mitchell said. And Athenia Henderson, singer of a six-piece Caribbean/ R&B/pop-infused band, said women in rock provide a nice change in the male-dominated genre. Her set at the Brouwerij Lane bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, was filled with a variety of covers from rockers like Gwen Stefani to R&B divas like Alicia Keys. The singer writes her own songs, too, including a pop-rock oriented song called “Always.”

The influence of women rockers was spread out in the city that day, proving New York knows how to make its music fly and New York girls definitely know how to rock!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Jada Pinkett Smith a rocker?

Jada Pinkett Smith is such an amazing actress. She was so kick ass in her movie “Set it off”(1996). I didn't know she could get down like that. She played side by side with funny man Eddie Murphy in “The Nutty Professor” (1996) and played voice for a sassy hippo in “Madagascar”(2005). She's done so much as being a producer, director, and a writer. She even now stars in her new show called “Hawthorne”(2009).

Yet, let me say how shocked I was when I found out she was the lead singer for her rock/metal group called Wicked Wisdom. They produced their first album back in 2006 and hasn't had a new album since. I'm sure fans are waiting for Pinkett to kick her celeb glam status to the curb because she can sing. Her vocals are so intense. My head was rocking back and forth almost like a bobble head as I listened to her tunes. The bands songs are so dark and edgy; perfect for when all you want to do is yell at the world. “Bleed all over me” had me going. I could feel the angst surge in my veins as the lyrics throbbed through my ears. The passion of “Forgiven” was felt through the steady, rockin guitar. The drums brought me to peace through the start but rocked on with a strong and heavy flow leading up to the chorus.

Shocked as I was, Smith gave me another reason to admire her for her overwhelming success. Not only can she stun many with her impressive acting skills, but she can belt out an awesome tune. She has made me a new fan of her wicked new talent.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rockstar in Training and Songwriting 101

Ahhh! It's already July and my deadline is come sooner by the second. But despite my beliefs that I wouldn't be able to accomplish this personal assignment, I do have some structure to a somewhat finished product thanks to a close friend and fellow rocker chick. Each day it gets easier to bring words to life and getting in touch with my inner rock star. Today, I was lucky to have a personal song writing lesson with GRGR's CEO, Gail. She gave me some kick-ass advice on embarking on a craft that is still fairly new to me. GRGR Editor in Chief Marisa will also be helping me out as well by contributing some chords to bring my song up a level. I'm so grateful to be taught by the best! =] Well, I gotta get back to work on my musical master piece-haha.

-Ang xoxo

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feel a rush with Kissy Kamikaze

You ever get the feeling when you're on the subway or when you're at work that you need a little bit more excitement in your life? This happens to me all the time. Life can be too dull. I need something to liven it up. Something like a rush. Maybe even a sugar rush.

Then like an answer to my prayers, my ears were overjoyed with the rockin sounds of Kissy Kamikaze. Their song "Sugar Rush" had my spirit bouncing of the walls aching for a bag of skittles. But like any rush , it came and went. But that's what you got to expect from sugar. Then their song "New York City Girl" made me proud to rep New York. This song had the true excitement and sick attitude of a true New Yorker. “F--- your town” chants these reckless girls. I agree. New York is always the best.

These rockin' chicas plus one chico helped remind me that a dull moment is hard to come by in this crazy town. Especially after listening to the band's energizing tones, their edgy lyrics might actually make me want to crash for the night.