Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey again! It's Eva and Harlee the Teen Correspondents back again at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. After spending a day at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls we have some great bands to share with you all. The first is the band of sixteen and seventeen year old rockers, Use the Stairs. The first thing we noticed about these girls was how close they had become after only three days of knowing each other. They were already joking around and completely comfortable around each other, bonding over things that most other friends of theirs could not. "No one here thinks you're weird for liking the things you like, for being you...We can dance around with no judgments." Fronted by a traditionally classical singer with long blonde hair, she couldn’t contain her excitement of how she felt being able to scream and release her inner rocker and they were all quick to hum along to the melody of their own song. They loved that they were able to combine her classical training with the rhythm and beats (and screams) of a real rock and roll song, a song they wrote together. They agreed that they loved making music with each other and that band practice was probably their favorite part of Rock Camp in general. Stay tuned for more coming on other rocking WMRC bands in the future!

Harlee and Eva Ludwig, GRGR Teen Correspondents

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey Mondays New CD!

Hey Monday is back with another album, to drop August 17th. The talented Cassadee and partner Mike started Hey Monday in March 2008 when their former band, Blake, split up. Their talent was recognized by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, and they were well on their way to rocking after signed to Wentz’s label ‘Decaydance’. Their first album dropped in October 2008. Hey Monday started their career touring with awesome bands like: The Acadamy Is...., We The Kings, The Cab, This Providence, Rocket To The Moon, and Cash Cash. The touring didn’t stop there. Hey Monday headed out again, this time for a world tour with Fall Out Boy.

The Band did a lot of tours with Cassadee leading on vocals and now they are back with a new album titled “ Beneath It All”. This album is going to portray the growth of the band. Hey Monday teamed up with talent such as Katy Perry, Avril Levine, Dave Katz of Cobra Starship, and many more talented musicians, to level up their sound. All the songs were co-written by Cassadee who has promised deep and honest lyrics. “Beneath It All” delves deep into love, her family, her friends and all the important aspects that make up her life.

Before the album drops you can catch Hey Monday touring with the Warped Tour. To get a sneak peak at “Beneath It All” visit

By Daniella Bondar

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Girls Rock & Girls Rule Rockin' Summer Showcase!

GRGR is coming out of their winter hibernation and we have an absolutely KILLER summer showcase coming up on July 15! Mark your calendars now you do not want to miss this fantastic evening of Fierce Femmes Rockin' the House all night long!!

JULY 15, 2010


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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still In Love With Courtney Love
Hey guys! sorry I haven't been writing lately but here is something I couldn't wait to tell you! A few weeks ago I had the chance to buy Hole's new CD, Nobody's Daughter, and got to see a free (if you don't count the price of the CD) show and attend the CD signing after. Not only did her voice both live and on the album shock me but she was so mellow and relaxed the entire time. Although part of me wanted to see her go wild and run around the stage another part of me knew she had really matured and is possibly on her way to becoming an adult. The new album "Nobody's Daughter"went beyond what I could have ever imagined and the songs are better than I think anyone ever could have imagined. My favorite so far has to be "Pacific Coast Highway" which i was lucky enough to have seen her play live. After the concert I was one of the first people to have my CD signed, my mom snagged a picture of the two of us opposite each other right before security yelled that pictures weren't allowed. Actually meeting the woman whose songs have been favorites of mine for years was quite overwhelming and although I planned so much to say all i could murmur was a quiet "Hi" to which she responded and smiled warmly. I recommend this CD to any former Courtney fans and even people who don't consider themselves fans of hers at all for the new sound Hole brings to this album has a perfect balance of distinctive Hole and a whole new experience!
Check out the concert on youtube at:
Harlee Ludwig
Teen Correspondant

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Give me down to there...Hair!

The Age of Hair
I know its a bit of a diversion from typical GRGR posts, but I really wanted to share this recent musical experience. I recently had the chance to see the Broadway show Hair and boy was it stunning. Being a fan of the original play, I was worried whether the new cast could even hold a candle to how great the original soundtrack recording was. When the lights dimmed and the curtains were raised, with that first note of the song Age of Aquarius, I was hooked. It was mesmerizing as the girl stood there and sang so beautifully. I was so blinded by the voices throughout the play that I didn't even notice when the cast stripped naked before the intermission. When i was brought back to reality I was shocked (and pleasantly surprised) to see the entire cast lined up, naked, singing together as the lights went out. This play is a must see and really speaks for a generation like I never could have imagined. With the song variety it is impossible for someone not to find a song that touches their heart. The song Walking in Space was what I was singing from the second it ended until I learned every single word. The voices in Hair are truly unforgettable and a great way to spend an afternoon or night, just listening to. I would do anything to go again but I fear free tickets won't get thrown my way again.

Harlee Ludwig, Teen correspondant

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Allison Iraheta belts it out

Hello everyone!!! I hope 2010's treating you all well. I was going through some music and came across Allison Iraheta. She's a rockin' belle who's making noise and taking over. And she's only 17. As one of the finalist on American Idol, this young woman has a lot of talent to show her musical muses to the world.

This chica was a music feen from her early days. She's had influence from her parents, MTV and Spanish music. She started a band in high school called "Allison and the Dudes" and later "Allison and the Gurus." Iraheta auditioned for "American Idol" at 16-years-old and made it through continuing on to the top four.

Now, the sounds from her debut album "Just Like You" is belting through my headphones and is surprising my eager ears. Her voice is heavy with a lot of maturity. It's very reminiscent of Pink and Laura Izibor.

Her song "Friday I'll Be Over U" has a very strong pop beat with lyrics that takes me back to high school. Yet, her voice screams and rages over this youthful sound. Her anguish is felt through her catchy tune that brings back regretful memories of douchebag boyfriends. "Scars" is a very heartfelt record that sees through the pain that many of us have. The mellow sound is full of the desire to remember that we all have problems and struggles. It brings me closer to her music as it catches one of the many issues teens deal with. "We all have our scars."

The emotions of this record put me on a path of reminisence of teen years. The jovial yet also dramatic and confusing years flashed through my mind as I listened to Iraheta. Her voice reflects the essence of what many teens go through. Iraheta is a great example for many young girls chasing their dreams of rock glory. If you have the passion and the desire, go for it. Her album is now available in stores.

Also, check out this awesome video called "Friday I'll be Over U"

I hope you guys enjoyed. Let us know what you think. =)

Until next time. Peace.


Happy Valentine's Day

Tiffany <3

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Liz Lee: My hero

As much as I hate what MTV has become with their tasteless dating shows and melodramatic reality series about the young, rich, and hopeless, I've managed to find a diamond in the rough with MTV's My Life as Liz.

Liz Lee may not be a world re-known rockstar but for every rocker chick trying to change the world, a little bit of Liz lies sin all of us. On the past two episodes, Liz was eager to win her school talent show and show up the snobby popular cliques that constantly try to bring her down. After watching those past episodes, here's why I think Liz Lee qualifies as a girl that rocks and rules.

-Liz tried to start up a band. Come on now, I think a lot of you GRGR followers have been there. Not the easiest task in the world. You can't help but feel for the girl.

-Liz can sing. She's like the raspy version of Adele. Liz performed an acoustic version of "The Funeral" by Band of Horses. Her performance was intimate, simple yet mindblowing. It's amazing to see what kind of voice comes out of her.

-Liz looks like Hayley Williams of Paramore. Enough said.

-Liz knows how to face adversity. Despite the negativity she faced from the blonde squad, her stage fright and illness, Liz still comes out on top.

To think, Liz is a one of a million other girls out their trying to break social norms. So this ones for all the rocker girls in training. Don't ever change. For me personally, I'm just glad MTV didn't put on another snobby princess complaining about getting a car for her birthday.

Check out My Life as Liz on Monday night or

"Love and Rockets",
Ang xoxo