Friday, September 26, 2008

Pics from the Long Island preview show, 9/6/08

We're baaaaaaacccckkkkk!!!!!!!

Welcome back, GRGR friends and family!

So much has happened since we left off, last September, at the end of our first tour -- I don't know where to begin! Michele and Dietmar found love, Marisa found a band, Gail and Donald revamped G-Spot and Jovan became the hottest underdog-of-a-drummer a girl's tour has ever seen. Oh -- and did we mention the kickass band America's Sweetheart? They joined our tour! Come next Friday, five bands (RewBee, G-Spot, Marisa MIni & Her Mojo, Loki the Grump and America's Sweetheart) will hit the road for more adventures, and stops in 9 cities.

Stay tuned!