Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey again! It's Eva and Harlee the Teen Correspondents back again at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. After spending a day at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls we have some great bands to share with you all. The first is the band of sixteen and seventeen year old rockers, Use the Stairs. The first thing we noticed about these girls was how close they had become after only three days of knowing each other. They were already joking around and completely comfortable around each other, bonding over things that most other friends of theirs could not. "No one here thinks you're weird for liking the things you like, for being you...We can dance around with no judgments." Fronted by a traditionally classical singer with long blonde hair, she couldn’t contain her excitement of how she felt being able to scream and release her inner rocker and they were all quick to hum along to the melody of their own song. They loved that they were able to combine her classical training with the rhythm and beats (and screams) of a real rock and roll song, a song they wrote together. They agreed that they loved making music with each other and that band practice was probably their favorite part of Rock Camp in general. Stay tuned for more coming on other rocking WMRC bands in the future!

Harlee and Eva Ludwig, GRGR Teen Correspondents