Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rockstar in Training and Songwriting 101

Ahhh! It's already July and my deadline is come sooner by the second. But despite my beliefs that I wouldn't be able to accomplish this personal assignment, I do have some structure to a somewhat finished product thanks to a close friend and fellow rocker chick. Each day it gets easier to bring words to life and getting in touch with my inner rock star. Today, I was lucky to have a personal song writing lesson with GRGR's CEO, Gail. She gave me some kick-ass advice on embarking on a craft that is still fairly new to me. GRGR Editor in Chief Marisa will also be helping me out as well by contributing some chords to bring my song up a level. I'm so grateful to be taught by the best! =] Well, I gotta get back to work on my musical master piece-haha.

-Ang xoxo

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GRGR Road Manager said...

Keep at it girl its gonna be awesome! And thanks for the compliments! OX G.