Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feel a rush with Kissy Kamikaze

You ever get the feeling when you're on the subway or when you're at work that you need a little bit more excitement in your life? This happens to me all the time. Life can be too dull. I need something to liven it up. Something like a rush. Maybe even a sugar rush.

Then like an answer to my prayers, my ears were overjoyed with the rockin sounds of Kissy Kamikaze. Their song "Sugar Rush" had my spirit bouncing of the walls aching for a bag of skittles. But like any rush , it came and went. But that's what you got to expect from sugar. Then their song "New York City Girl" made me proud to rep New York. This song had the true excitement and sick attitude of a true New Yorker. “F--- your town” chants these reckless girls. I agree. New York is always the best.

These rockin' chicas plus one chico helped remind me that a dull moment is hard to come by in this crazy town. Especially after listening to the band's energizing tones, their edgy lyrics might actually make me want to crash for the night.


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