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From Our West Coast Correspondant: Placing Your Music in Film & TV

Good day Good folks! My name is Vesti, and I am honored to share my first ASCAP Expo experience with all of you. I want to recap one of the panels I think is most important to us as musicians, performers and writers.

Production Music: Placing Your Music in Film, TV, Video Games and Advertising

The panel -- a row of executives from Heavy Hitters, RipTide, Universal Publishing, APM and 615 Music -- discussed what they look for in your submissions and the best way to get your songs in their libraries.

Here's the scoop:

1. If you’re a musician who has toyed with the idea of hearing your song in one or all of these categories, then listen up – these small details may hold the key to your success.
Numero-Uno, go both ways. (Maybe I should clarify!). Submit two versions of your song, one with vocals, and one without. If you’re working with explicit lyrics, go ahead and send the down and dirty version but, back it up with one that is cleaned up.

2. Remember that in TV and film, “the music supports the scene.” You want the music to intensify and strengthen the scene, not drown it out. As dandy and divine as we all think our music is, ultimately people are paying to see a game of cat and mouse between Clarice and Dr. Lecter in Hannibal. By the way, (*my opinion) the sweet and eerie music provided by Hans Zimmerman is what makes this movie more than just a person eating people flick.

3. As far as, genre types, these particular publishing companies get the most requests for Rock/Pop Mainstream, Big Band and Quartet. They look for music that is versatile enough to fit in the background of a coffeehouse, nightclub or crime scene. If you don’t feel you fit into one of these genres, don’t fret.

4. The truth is if you have a catchy hook, great vocals and a lyrical pull, it won’t matter what genre you fall into, they’ll be lucky to have you.

So, start submitting your most worthy material and follow-up with emails until you get a response. Don’t be afraid to be persistent. The best way get heard? Make some noise!

Special thanks, to Gail and Marisa for being so awesome. Rock on ladies!

- Vesti

Monday, April 27, 2009

ASCAP EXPO 3rd & Final Day!

ASCAP Music Expo – Day 3

So fellow rockers and fans I am a day or so late posting the final day of the ASCAP Music Expo blog…On Saturday there wasn’t anything that I felt compelled to attend in the morning so I headed over to the event around 2pm…took a meeting with our friends at Noisy Planet to discuss partnering…fellow artists they have a great site that offers many services for musicians – you can sell your music, get promo materials, licensing and more. They are great peeps, offer personal service and are very reasonable. You can check them out at

I decided that I wanted to close the conference by just being getting inspired listening to great songwriters. I attended two panels back to back chock-full of some incredible talent discussing the creation of their songs and also playing them. It’s really interesting to learn how many mega hits are actually written or co-written by someone other then the artist who sings them. Even bands like Aerosmith and The Eagles and artists like Cyndi Lauper and Joan Osbourne. They do write some of their own music but often work with outside songwriters. Watching the songs being performed by the writer versus the artist you can see it’s truly a partnership and both are equally important because the right performer /singer brings a great song to a whole other level.

The first panel featured Stephen Bishop (On & On, Separate Lives), Wendy Walden (Saving the Best for Last). BTW, Wendy was also one of the first female record producers- u go girl! Plus Gary Baker (I Swear) and Jack Tempchun (Peaceful Easy Feelin’, Already Gone). Yes again only one woman on the panel; maybe its generational I guess back in the 70’s when a lot of these great songwriters and industry heavyweights were coming up maybe there just weren’t as many opportunities for women to break in and now that is reflected in the landscape of these events. So ladies let’s step it up and change the picture so hopefully in a few years it will panels full of rockin’ ladies!

On the closing session Round Up were songwriters Erick Bazillian, Holly Knight, Rob Heiman, Narada Michael Walden, and Emanuel Krakon. Guys these are the heavy hitters…Rob wrote “Time After Time” and Erik wrote “One of Us” (one of my personal favorites). Holly Knight has written several hits for Tina Turner including “Better Be Good to Me” and “Simply the Best” plus “Love is a Battlefield”, “The Warrior” etc. Emanuel was the baby of this seasoned group but still has some biggies under his belt (“Crush”, “What’s Left of Me”). I absolutely loved Narada this guy has written more then 50 hit songs but is also a drummer so instead of doing the standard acoustic performance he got on a full kit backed by tracks and started rockin’ a medley of many of his major pop dance hits (Freeway of Love, Dance with Somebody, So Emotional, Who’s Zoomin’ Who, Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now and on and on). What an awesome spirit and incredible energy, just a blast to watch. Towards the end of the session they all started playing with each other and throwing in some cool instrumentation like accordion, melodica and mandola…What a fantastic way to close out…you just want to go home and write songs all day long!

Just a few more tidbits I liked and wanted to share from the conference:

The really good songs often come out quick in one swoop, its such a gift from the universe you just have to accept it, (I definitely find that to be true for myself…I am just happy when I can keep writing…) so grab that inspiration quick when it comes!

“Out of pain and your soul comes the great songs and melodies” Narada
“The most important thing is showing up and that’s also the hardest” Jack Tempchin

“Don’t give up on the songs you believe in” Gary Baker
Writers block is when you come up with a bunch of ideas and you think that they all suck – collaboration in this case is highly recommended. Playing with strange instruments also opens up the possibilities

All in all a great 3 days, now I am on the plane heading back to NYC, where I intend to write that hit song and rock the world – care to join me!
A special thanks to all my good friends in LA; Doug & Richard, Anne & Will, Robert & Todd it was great to see you and thanks for your hospitality, can’t wait to do it again! And to my new friends and West Coast correspondents Vesti & Brad! And thanks to ASCAP for putting such a pro event I have been to several conferences and I have to tell you they beat them hands down.

Finally some GRGR announcements,

NYC people the Girls Rock Girls Rule Premiere is just a few days away, Sat. May 2nd at Hanks Saloon in Brooklyn, we have an awesome night of lady Punk Rockers for your aural pleasure(Marisa Mini, Loki the Grump, Solito, Trauma Team, Tibbie from Kissy Kamikaze, and S.M.U.T.) hosted by yours truly and Rew! We’ll have music, giveaways from Shure, Sam Ash and more! It’s going to be a blast so get your asses there! Also our May newsletter will be out in a few days featuring an interview with Daisy de la Hoya and much more haven’t signed up go to the top of this page and hit the link.

Be on the lookout launches in June and will be full of the latest and hottest information, interviews, advice, events and more that you don’t want to miss!

OK this correspondent is signing off for now

Sat Nam, Rock On! G.
Girls Rock & Girls Rule

Friday, April 24, 2009

ASCAP Music Expo Day 2


Hey Kids!
It's time for more juice and dirt from out here on the left coast where the sun sets on the wrong side LOL! …The conference continues to rock. And I will say for sure that the afternoon today blew the morning out of the water kinda like sophomore slump. The morning sessions I attended including Following Your Muse (I found mine by walking out and into another panel, because after about 15 minutes there was just nothing enlightening being said). so I walked into a session on music placement in film, TV, gaming etc. It was alright although for yours truly kind of same shit different day...but I think for those new to the business and conferences it was probably very beneficial and informative.

One thing I have noticed pretty consistently and that is honestly starting to bug me just a little is that every single panel has only one female and like 3 or 4 guys – what is up with that? I know there plenty of powerful and successful women in the music business – so what they could only find one per session? Or did they just not look? Seems the only people that can interview famous femmes are other femmes…case and point both the Heart and Chaka Khan interviews. Can someone explain this strange phenomenon to me? Boys are you intimidated by us powerhouse femmes?

Speaking of Chaka Khan, I just came from that session and she is absolutely adorable, real and straight up…when asked how things have changed for women in music, she said “gender should be secondary or not even involved in the equation” (amen sista)! She went on to say that today a woman has to be the whole package (looks etc.) and she has to buy into it as well. It pisses her off…but she’ll do whatever she has to do to keep on singing. (amen again)! So tell that to your boyfriends when they ask why you need to look so hot on and offstage!

The end of Chaka's session became a total audition instead of Q&A but she was so open and allowing people to sing and beat box to her and pitch all their stuff– unbelievably gracious…me not being a soul/funk or hip-hop gal I just took my notes and photos and hung out with my new friends Vesti and Brad. Be on the lookout: Vesti will be writing a guest blog on the conference and got to check out bunch of things I couldn’t attend (hey I am only one person!). She is new to the singer/songwriter world but she’s catching on quick. Check her out at

Also attended a great session with Richard Marx today (yes the guy with that crazy mullet back in the ’80s). Gotta love a man who can make jokes about his own hair 20 years later. Did you know that his dad was like a famous jingle writer? You know he had to be good because the whole audience was singing along to “what's the best tuna you happen to see? Chicken, chicken of the sea." He also wrote Peter Pan – “if you believe in peanut butter clap your hands”… "my dog's better then your dog”…I know some of you youngsters are like say what? They were really famous commercials dude! BTW Richard loves the word dude and I start my song “So Much Noise” with “dude do I really look 23” - flashback ’80s because I feel like I just wrote a Pop-up video LOL ROTF!

I have to say my fave sessions at these events are not necessarily the directly educational ones but those featuring the well-known artists. I’m no starstruck teen, but they just are really compelling to listen too (granted some more then others) – I will say though what I keep hearing is that success is a lot of being in the right place at right time and some damn good luck! But one common piece of advice is to just keep writing keep writing, keep going, keep singing. Once its in the blood we all know we just can’t stop!

Really there are so many funny stories and great moments at some of these sessions but if I told you everything this blog would be endless you’d get bored, you wouldn’t read it – hey maybe your not reading it anyway HAHA!

Ya know I am actually starting to like being this journalist blogger chick!

OK signing off for today off to dinner with friends but more tomorrow for sure. I promise we have awesome video of Heart, Richard Marx and more but it needs a little editing and takes 4 ever to upload so just keep checking back because I just haven’t had time yet!

Sat Nam – Rock On! God I love music and the whole nasty fabulous business!

BTW one personal announcement; for any G-spot and Marisa Mini fans our May 23 show in Long Island was canceled! Boohoo – what can you do? We’ll book something else soon!


P.S. I am in the hotel lobby bar getting ready to post the blog and the table next to me is busting my chops for working – turns out it’s the founder of the band Toto and his wife…remember them “Hold the line, love isn’t always on time”…

ASCAP Music Conference: Winding Down on Day 1

Like I said before -- lots going on here at the conference…but in true rock n' roll style the day certainly ended with a bang and not a whimper. 
The last session of the day  was a one-on-one chat with lady rockers Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart). It was so great to listen to them speak and have a chance to hear them perform. NOTE: I'll be posting a little unplugged video of “Crazy on You” shortly so check back. The moderator Melinda Newman (who was excellent BTW) asked them if like guys who get into the biz to meet chicks, did they got into rock n' roll to meet boys? I loved Nancy’s response: "we got into rock n roll so we could play guitars, we wanted to be like the Beatles not marry them."  Another interesting tidbit: The song “Barracuda” comes with some pretty good stories. Did you know it was written about some smarmy guy that tried to hit on Ann back stage and was saying a whole load of inappropriate things to her? Or that Sarah Palin tried to use “Barracuda” for her campaign and Heart had a cease-and-desist order issued against it…yay Ann and Nancy! Things have gotten better for us lady rockers and it is not as shocking as it was 30 years ago that a girl would actually want to play the electric guitar (or drums or a bass or scream like a banshee), but it does bum me out that after all this time us gals in the harder-rock arena still face so many barriers to entry and are still not part of the boys rock club! Then again f*ck em-- we’ll make our own club after all that’s why GRGR is here. Even Ann and Nancy didn’t have the answer – yes I was able to get up and pose a question as to why they thought women still faced so many barriers in the rock world and what their thoughts were on changing that. Ann's response: “That’s the 60 million dollar question," while Nancy suggested we not have all girl bands but play with some boys. Hello we do that already…I was hoping for a little more insight from them after all this time but I guess they don’t know the answer either, so what can you do! They are still some incredibly talented and awesome ladies. 
The day culminated with me finally having time to eat…like you care LOL. Seriously they had a songwriter in the round showcase at the Highline that was excellent…Craig Wiseman the funny guy from the morning panel played and a few others. My faves were Siedah Garret (who wrote Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”) and sang a great song called “Air Guitar” and Dan Wilson who wrote “Closing Time.” Now seriously -- for years haven’t you all thought that song was about picking up a chick after a drunken night? Well guess again! Apparently the song is about his new baby at the time – he didn’t want to be one of those dads who forced his band to play a mushy “Junior” song so he couched it all in metaphor and wrote "Closing Time"…gotta love it… It’s been a day…c u tomorrow! Rock On, G. Founder GRGR

More Hot Tips for Musicians -- All on Day One at ASCAP!

As some of you may know I am in process of becoming the digital/social networking guru -- HAH! -- and trying to wrap my head around how to best utilize all this new technology for GRGR and G-spot. So no surprise I find myself in a panel called “How Music Creators Can Make the Most from Digital Streaming." What did I learn? A lot! First, if you are working online radio, sign up for SoundExchange. They collect these royalties like an ASCAP) but for online and yes you can belong to both!

You probably know the buzz word of the week is “Twitter” so stop resisting and sign up! Apparently there are all sorts of Twitter tools out there to add to this fascinating experience –, and streams, the latter two stream your radio and video through twitter – Who knew?

For radio some good sources, try Live 365 Radio. You can go there search for stations in your genre, get the DJ contacts and send them stuff for consideration. Just remember it's best to contact DJs and send them to a site to stream and listen to your stuff rather then Mp3s or CDs.

What else what else? I am seeing old friends and meeting some very cool people. Be on the lookout for KyleEllen -- she is writing a biography from a standpoint of music and healing…its called “Imagine What’s Inside” and each chapter is tied to a song she wrote so the book will come with a CD. I’m looking forward to checking it out! 

I have to say I am missing my partner in crime Marisa (who is the journalist BTW). Unfortunately she was not able to come due to some family stuff but she is supporting me from afar and since I can’t possibly share all the tips and treats I am receiving in a few blog entries she will be the one turning them into future stories. So make sure if you haven’t already that you sign up for the GRGR Hotsheet and be on the lookout for the new site launching in June, which will provide you lady rockers with all the resources and info you need to make your rock n roll dreams come true.

Well I must run off to hear Nancy and Ann Wilson from Heart speak. With any luck I will get to ask a question and get their personal perspective on lady rockers or better yet a one-on-one interview for GRGR!

Quote of the day: “nobody doesn’t succeed in the music business they just quit trying” -- Dan Kimpel. Amen to that my fellow rockers! Rock On!

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Gail, on Day One at ASCAP's Expo in LA

Hey GRGR fans and fellow rockers!

Wow -- I am out here at the ASCAP Music Conference for the second year in a row and my head is just spinning from all the information. And it's not even close to being over!

The morning kicked with a panel of renowned songwriters/artists including Natasha Bedingfield, Wyclef Jean, Craig Wiseman, Ryan Tedder and Sean Callery talking about "the creative process" of their craft. My fave thing about listening to these folks? You realize they have the same hopes, dreams, fears and neuroses as the rest of us. But since they have gotten somewhere they sometimes have some pretty good advice.

Here were some of my favorite tidbits from this group…

1. “If you think radio has really bad pop music then write some pop songs and help fix the problem.”

Natasha said she didn’t write for years because she was a perfectionist and thought she wasn’t good enough (gee who can relate to that I wonder…), so write a little everyday and don’t judge yourself. Just do it!

2. Get rid of your fears, open up and allow yourself to be touched. When someone reveals their vulnerabilities through their writing and songs it helps others become aware of their own..

Some things came up in this panel that made me think of a game I love to play with my bandmates I call “guilty pleasures." You ask your fellow peers, "what music do you listen to or are influenced by that you don’t really want to admit?" Mine is The Carpenters (hey my mom was really into them and they write some great songs!). Do I was thrilled to know that Wyclef Jean likes to smoke up and listen to Enya, and Ryan Tedder was a Yanni fan at 15!

Next I was off to a panel about networking. Now, having been in the business world as a musician and founder of GRGR, I can tell you that networking is hardly new to me. Still, it never hurts to get a refresher course. Dan Kimpel was a funny, animated and great speaker, he’s got books on this stuff if you care to learn more. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Connect with others who share your aspirations and energy!

2. Effective networking needs to be about both parties-- not just you!

3. Network for the future. It’s not instant but good relationships take time.

4. Relate to people as people

More on the conference later…

Sunday, April 19, 2009



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The bands of GRGR's upcoming PUNK NITE!

Band Bios for GRGR 2009's debut event and first ever themed showcase: PUNK NITE!!!

Saturday, May 2nd - Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn, NY


Loki the Grump (NY; CORE) LOKI THE GRUMP [are] "known for their punchy hooks, driving pulse and a strong female vocalist who brings it all together. Kind of like the lovechild of Black Flag and Poly Styrene," says Church of Girl, while Village Voice describes them as "theatrical, sardonic punk rock." With a mission of "puttin' the FUN back in GRUMP" it's no wonder LTG has been spreading the grumpiness worldwide to a rabid and ever-growing fan base who proudly declare themselves GRUMPIES. Frontwoman Michele Jaffe – an award-winning songwriter - has evolved from playing drums in punk/goth bands into a loud, raucous and in-your-face rock goddess! She is joined by guitarist Dimitri Vishnepolsky – a Moscow-born violin & trumpet-playing guitar god; monster bassist Phil Pham, recognized for his numerous stints in NYC rock and punk bands; and a rotating roster of kick-ass drummers, with the incredibly rockin' Jovan drumming for GRGR events. This diverse combo serves off-the-charts performances and hook-laden songs that haunt you for days - pure Grumpy FUN! They recently launched their sophomore album, a limited edition CD titled "Who U Callin' A Pussy! (The CCNY Sessions)". Catch Loki the Grump at a Girls Rock & Girls Rule event in a city near you! It's time to GET GRUMPY!! (

Marisa Mini (NY; CORE) Marisa Mini & The Underage Hotties (NY; CORE) plays dirty, funny, rough-around-the-edges rock. Led by guitarist/singer Marisa – who made her GRGR debut acoustically with hilarious songs about sodomy, vibrators and blondeness -- the band is now a four-person force. Energized, mohawked hottie Bryant takes lead guitars, adorable and precise (and blonde) hottie Bettie Morgan rules the bass and second vocals, and pounding metal man hottie Jovan delivers the drum beats. Their live performances have culminated in blood and bruises, but everyone's guaranteed to have a good time! (

S.M.U.T. (NY) is a Brooklyn based Punk band with an attitude. Hailing back to the early days of Punk and smashing it up with their own individual style of harmonies, hardcore breakdowns, oi, and aggro, they will smack you upside the head with sound. S.M.U.T. is fronted by Cutie Calamity, NYC artist and ex manager of Reagan Youth and Bryant Furey of the Liberties & Marisa Mini on Guitar and Vocals, with Big Joe on Bass and Vocals & Will on drums. S.M.U.T. is good, aggressive, fun music for anyone with a sense of humor and a love for shaking things up. (

Solito (NC/SC) Solito is an art punk duo AND a fusion duo. The art punk set is an hour plus of in your face 3 to 7 minute songs that meld the styles and technique of punk,
metal, pop, and prog. This version of the band has been compared to Talking Heads, Zappa meets Butthole Surfers, Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth. The fusion set is an hour plus of “tumbling jazz interpretations”. Solito’s unique compositions are simple yet interesting
in form and style. Mostly influenced by 70’s fusion and Miles Davis. In both of its incarnations, Solito performs mostly original music with a couple obscure covers. For the last 12 years Shawna and Moose have been playing hundreds of shows covering North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina. They have also been involved in 4 full length recordings. In October of 2008, Solito opened up for Unknown
Hinson and were part of a Girls Rock Girls Rule Tour based out of New York City. (

Tibbie X (NY) Tibbie X is the lead singer/antagonist of Kissy Kamikaze NYC Femme Fatale punk . Having toured across Europe and a part of the NYC underground for over 13 years she has reputation for her aggressive vocals and violent stage antics. An East village warrior with a lot of heart she claims to only write love songs, suicidal/homicidal truths, personal disasters made universal. Her solo work is self labeled as "Romanticide
chaoscore". (

Trauma Team 666 (NY) Trauma Team 666 formed in June 6th, 2006. It is fronted by the always intoxicated ChasTITTY Chace. Bloody Mary is the VERY DANGEROUS drummer. Please keep your hands inside that ride at all times! Paul Mastiff is the solid rock guitar star who keeps the rest of the fucktards in line. Trauma Team 666 has an impressive NEW bassist. Said bassist will be officially revealed that very night! All members will be available after the show for general butt kissing, autographs and free drinks! Come get sick with Trauma Team 666 or stay home and be a loser. Your call. (


Saturday, April 4, 2009

GRGR Stars in Global Fund for Women PSA!

The GRGR core girls - Gail - Michele-Marisa and Rew are thrilled to be starring in a PSA to support the Global Fund for Women! Founder Gail Silverman will also be performing at a benefit event at Maxwell's on April 9th!

View the PSA here:

On Thursday April 9th at Maxwell’s in ....Hoboken.., ..NJ...., NYC band G-spot (whose lead singer is the Founder of GRGR) is part of a very special event, a benefit for the Global Fund for Women. This is a show not to be missed featuring a combination of Independent Artists and some very special guests including: Emcee: DJ Tico Clavero (FJS Radio), Bands: G-Spot, clueLess, Ted Mason (of Modern English), The Fave. With Very Special Guests: Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie, Pink, Gwen Stefani) Steve Holley (Wings, Ian Hunter, Joe Cocker), Collette McLafferty (edibleRed), Jeff Slate (The Badge), Myke Hideous (Empire Hideous), Alex Alexander (Dido, Eminem, Chaka Kahn) and more…

Proceeds from this night will benefit the Global Fund for Women, an international network committed to a world of equality and social justice. They advocate for and defend women's human rights by making grants to support women's groups around the world. And even those who can’t make it to the show have the opportunity to get involved by donating online get the details at

The show concept is the brainchild of Nelson Pla of the band clueLess who had been talking for some time now about doing something special for his birthday. More than just a show, he also wanted it to mean something and thus a concept was born. In addition to the show Nelson wanted to create additional exposure for the Global Fund for Women and began producing a series of PSA’s in support of the event and organization. These PSA’s can be viewed at and feature a series of artists, musicians, actors and community members known and unknown spreading a beautiful message: “Women’s Rights are Human Rights and if you don’t understand this you are clueless!”

More About the Global Fund for Women ....

They are part of global women's movement that is rooted in a commitment to justice and an appreciation of the value of women's experience. The challenges women face vary widely across communities, cultures, religions, traditions and countries. Believing that women should have a full range of choices, and that women themselves know best how to determine their needs and propose solutions for lasting change. The way in which they do their work is as important as what they do. This philosophy is reflected in a flexible, respectful and responsive style of grantmaking. The Global Fund makes grants to seed, strengthen and link women's rights groups based outside the ....United States.... working to address human rights issues. More information at

Show Quick Facts:
Thursday, April 9th, 2009

A Benefit for the Global Fund for Women - This is a very special show!....

....1039 Washington St........
....Hoboken.., ..NJ........
Doors: 7:00 PM....
G-Spot "unplugged": 8:00 PM ....
clueLess: 9:00 PM -
Ted Mason of Modern English:10:00 PM -
The Fave: 10:30 PM - ....

$10 cover ....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's going on...

Rew hit that right we are working like crazy ladies over here - revamping, revising, renewing it is spring after all - total aside here but its the Yoga teacher in me - did you know that Spring is the best time for healing and rejuvenation. It is when the most green energy (prana (Lifeforce)) is hitting the earth and a perfect time to detox, cleanse and start programs to increase your health and energy which we all need to be at our peak performance on and off stage!

Anyway back to the business at hand :) , we are revamping the GRGR website and newsletter, you'll see a few changes for April but bigger changes are on the way! By June we hope to have a fully revamped website at and that and the newsletter promise to be chock full of information and resources for all the fantastic rockin femmes and fans! Our hope is to provide you with tools to acheive all those rock n roll dreams! Not subscribed yet? We invite you to join us and every month we have a new subcriber giveaway - the month its some cool headphones from Shure!

We won't be touring much this year, but sticking closer to home and bringing many of our alumni sister bands to NYC as well as featuring new bands that we unearth. So if you know some good ones especially in the tristate area let us know! Also we are theming our shows this year to be very genre specific - our first event is May 2 at Hanks Saloon in Brooklyn! Its a Punk Rock Extravaganza, the show brings together GRGR 2007/2008 tour vets Loki the Grump (NYC), Marisa Mini & The Underage Hotties (Brooklyn), North Carolina musicians Solito (formerly “S” (with a lady who will blow you away with her brilliant masters-level guitar skills), plus East Village punk damsel Tibbie X (Kissy Kamakaze), hardcore/punk band S.M.U.T. (fronted by the fiery blue-haired Cutie Calamity) and ferocious, political four-piece band Trauma Team 666. The show will be hosted by GRGR founder that would be moi and RewBee*s World Radio show host Rew. Oh what a night!

Like most people we are working to become social networking guru's and build community with all of you out there so please be sure to find and follow us:, and Facebook - we also have a new YouTube site - the new PSA we shot is there but we have a whole load of tour videos that will be posted soon from 2008 and definitely more in 2009! If you are a GRGR alumni with a great short video we would be happy to post it for you!

Well my to do list is not done - AS USUAL - and I have to get ready for rehearsal! So till next time!

Sat Nam & Rock On
Founder/CEO - GRGR