Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Give me down to there...Hair!

The Age of Hair
I know its a bit of a diversion from typical GRGR posts, but I really wanted to share this recent musical experience. I recently had the chance to see the Broadway show Hair and boy was it stunning. Being a fan of the original play, I was worried whether the new cast could even hold a candle to how great the original soundtrack recording was. When the lights dimmed and the curtains were raised, with that first note of the song Age of Aquarius, I was hooked. It was mesmerizing as the girl stood there and sang so beautifully. I was so blinded by the voices throughout the play that I didn't even notice when the cast stripped naked before the intermission. When i was brought back to reality I was shocked (and pleasantly surprised) to see the entire cast lined up, naked, singing together as the lights went out. This play is a must see and really speaks for a generation like I never could have imagined. With the song variety it is impossible for someone not to find a song that touches their heart. The song Walking in Space was what I was singing from the second it ended until I learned every single word. The voices in Hair are truly unforgettable and a great way to spend an afternoon or night, just listening to. I would do anything to go again but I fear free tickets won't get thrown my way again.

Harlee Ludwig, Teen correspondant