Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ode to 2009

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2010. I hope the year is going well for you guys so far. 2009 is a whole decade ago, but we could never forget what it brought us. Last year was hard on our world for some as it scorched us like a firestorm that left a fierce mark of past troubles. But then for others, it planted a seed of good times, happy memories and hard-learned lessons that will last a lifetime. In all, it was a year that left us stronger and wiser than ever before.

Music, as it always does, intertwined our hearts with peace, rebellion and just some awesome times. GRGR has emphasized this greatly. It's had powerful showcases, beautiful characters and women who just know how to rock. These women have a strong magnetic force of energy that pulled me in and turned me from a foot-tappin-music-fanatic to a head-bangin-rock-star (Well, I felt like one anyway.) I had some pretty stellar times with these chicas in 2009.

Girls Rock Girls Rule has etched the rock scene by helping many women in their struggles to make it in the music world. I love what they've done for these rock femmes and hope they'll only progress in the future in a true punk, take no prisoner fashion. They're ready to take 2010 in they're hurricane of rockin' tunes and revel up your insides.

Have an awesome year people and live it up.

Tiffany <3