Monday, December 14, 2009

Exene Cervenka mellows out with "Somewhere Gone"

Hey everyone! I hope all is well. Do you remember Exene Cervenka, co-lead singer of the punk rock band X? Well she's back again only solo this time with her new album called "Somewhere Gone" (Bloodshot Records).

This record has a very mellow, folky sound to it. It puts me in a very comforting mood. "Somewhere Gone" is like an escape from a stressful reality. It takes you to a place that's almost like home, but only better at times. Yet, the songs are too similar and don't differentiate from each other.

The song "Let Go and Be Sweet" was peaceful. These words spoke a lot to me. People are always so caught up in their own world that they sometimes forget how to be kind to others. Sometimes, we got to just forget our problems and enter a world of cotton candy bliss and just be sweet. "Somewhere Gone" had a more somber sound. It seemed to be about a girl who is either looking for something or is lost. It's like she has no place to call home and is in a state of escaping peril.

This album had a different sound than what I expected from this former punk rocker. The essence of its sound rocked me to sleep and made me forget about my daily problems just for a little while. Cervenka's hardcore sound has softened up a bit over the years, yet I'm sure rockers out there can appreciate the consolatory and lyricism of her majestic music. "Somewhere Gone" is available on itunes. You should check out her Christmas album too.

Happy Holidays!!! Have fun out there.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Betty!

well well well another **BETTY* HoLidAy extravanganza..this time at the very chi chi 'HiGhLiNe BallRooM'...BETTY is so kool & chic & they really know how to do a holiday show right..& the certainly wear slick leather, rubber, spandex, silver boots, straps, holey tights, SEXY SEXY SEXXXY...the sisters Amy & Elizabeth..& the drop dead knock out Alyson Palmer front the band...their songz are catchy & the harmonies are exquisite...doesn't hurt they have the theme song from 'the L Word'& the audience is theirs...eating out of their handz so to speak..they had a great song called 'cheater' & another called 'linda blair' & they are often playing around with gender bending & breaking the rules in all sorts of relationships...lust is a common thread thru out..It doesn't hurt that Gloria Steinham introduced them & I even had the pleasure of thanking her for paving the way for all of us & she responded "Sure, it was fun!"..I bet she could still be in PLAYBOY..she's gorgeous...'It's my Party" Leslie Gore also sang with the band & my fearless *GRGR* leader Gail & i sat at the "GORE" reserved table...we even ate some yummy vegan burgers & fries...highly recommended at the Highline... classy classy evening & my first candy cane of the season to boot...BETTY is worth seeing any time you can...they put on such a great show & have been doing it for a long time...their chemistry is so natural...& they being the pros they are were stupified by doing an encore of an unrehearsed tune & nailed it...BETTY is like a living cartoon & they definitly have you leaving happy...

Happy Holidaze!