Friday, July 24, 2009

The Raveonettes fly high with their unique sounds

I am definitely up for music with an eclectic mixture of sounds. Who doesn't love a musical blend to liven up their day? One group I came across with this blend was The Raveonettes. The duo has a real hardcore edge to their music. “Aly Walk With Me” had an awesome guitar tune that had a real melancholy feel to it. The guitar gets more intense as it entraps me in a blanket of rough sound. The ringing bell throughout the song also put a unique sense to their music as it also made my tummy rumble. Then their song “Bubblegum” took me to another level. The beginning immediately put me in the 50s with its slow, body-swaying tune. Yet, the song stayed consistent with their sound since they couldn't leave out the intense guitar. This band for sure had a good sense for something different. Yet, they weren't afraid to bring back the raw guitar as it kept me at peace in a cocoon of a musical sound.



Ed Scerbo said...

Have you or anyone reading this heard "Ode to LA"? Here's a link to an unofficial video for it: Not only does it have a 60's girl group feel to it, it actually has Ronnie Spector sharing the vocals and Mo Tucker from The Velvet Underground on drums! (It also has Martin Rev, the keyboardist of Suicide on it.) I got a link to this a while back -- through Flavorpill, I think. At the time I figured it was a one-off for The Raveonettes, but after searching for it again I discovered they recorded not one, but two ALBUMS in which many songs explored this sound: Pretty in Black and Lust Lust Lust.

Ed Scerbo said...

The link in the post above is not working at all for some reason so let me try again:

Ed Scerbo said...

OK, it looks like no matter what it isn't going to work as a clickable link, however if you triple-click it to select all of the URL, copy and paste it into a browser address field and hit return, it will go to the vid. The comment window says you can use HTML tags, but link tags, at least, don't work.

GRGR Road Manager said...

Wow!!! This truly does sound like something from a 60's girl group. I love it. It's pretty cool. They are probably most influenced by 60's music. It makes them really unique.

Anonymous said...

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