Friday, July 31, 2009

Cherie Martorana-A Rock Chick to Admire

Today, I wrapped up my interview with Cherie Martorana, a true blue rocker chick that has taken the city by storm. The New York local is truly a jack of all musical trades. Ms. M. is the lead female singer of 80s cover band Rubix Cube, a back up singer for Moby's rock blues band-The Little Death NYC and is best known as Cherieoke/Bible Babe at Monday night live rock'n'roll karaoke at Arlene's Grocery. It was a joy to speak to such a talent and hear all about the things she's accomplished in her music career. Keep a look out for the interview in the near future. For the mean time, be sure to check Cherie out at any of her upcoming gigs.

-Ang xoxo

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