Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Love with The Plastiscines

The NYLON Summer Music Tour 2009 kicked off on June 4 and expanded throughout select cities in the United States and some in Canada. Artists like Patrick Wolf, Living Things, Jaguar Love, and The Plastiscines rocked the tour with their awesome sounds. Yet The Plastiscines definitely made their way onto the music scene with their revolutionary pop-punk tunes.

These French girls released their first album in 2007 called “LP1” (Virgin France). Now, they're ready for their follow-up album called “About Love” (Nylon Records), which I must say this is quite the record. “Barcelona” is perfect for when you want to catch that breeze as you head across the middle of nowhere on a road trip. Yes! Take me with you Plastiscines. I'm ready for a new journey. Then there's “Bitch,” a fun, poppy rockin tune celebrating these girls pride in being a B-I-T-C-H. What girl can't relate to having these moments once in a while especially during the summer. Then I heard this hot guitar tune in “Camera.” This one had my ears jumping around in a musical frenzy ready to bust out in back flips. I was all too happy already when this Brooklyn-born girl had to check out their track titled “Coney Island.” This was a more mellowed out sound which tuned down my excited buzz and put my heart more to rest. I can see myself listening to this song on a relaxing day on the beach.

If you missed out on any shows from the sizzling summer tour, then you should definitely check out this album. It had me in a wonderful summer daze. It is currently available digitally and is set for release in August 2009.


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