Thursday, June 25, 2009

Work in Progress

It has been a week since I had publicly declared that I would have a full written song by July 25. I've been keeping a daily log of this musical project and hopefully in the near future I will be taking pictures and doing some video blogs as well. But here's what I've been up to.

Day 1: Crap. I don't know anything about writing a song.

Day 3: Making some progress, have some lines down. Thank goodness for having so many musician friends to seek advice about lyrics.

Day 4: Started losing focus of my emotions and inspiration towards the song. Watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 separation announcement, got back the emotions and started writing again.

Day 6: Lots of lines yet there not put together in any organized fashion, seek help from my fellow rocker chick for some help on lyrics.

So I'm getting there. Slowly but surely.
As for other things, Rest In Peace to musical legend, Michael Jackson.


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Stephanie said...

You can do this girl!