Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stefani +Williams on one stage= A very happy Ang!

The summer season always brings about amazing concert tours, one in particular that I'm extremely excited about is the No Doubt/Paramore tour.What's better than two of the most popular female fronted bands together performing across the nation?
I recall being nine and watching the "Don't Speak" video early one morning for the first time and how mesmerized I was by Gwen Stefani. Everything from her beauty to her powerful and unique voice amazed me. Since then, I've been a huge fan and am overly ecstatic to see No Doubt back to work. I obviously cannot forget about the equally talented Paramore and the lovely Ms. Hayley Williams who seems to almost be a carbon copy of Stefani. With their album Riot being such a hit and another on the way due to come out in September, Paramore is following No Doubt's footsteps onto the road of music success. So with these two rocking ladies sharing the stage, I predict the show and the tour itself to be a summer highlight to any loyal fans. Let's just hope I still have enough cash in the bank to make it to the concert. :crosses fingers:

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