Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ang's Flavor of the Week: April's End

I met April's End about two years ago back when they were called Striving in Greater Hopes.They're a fantastic alternative/metal rock band from Long Island. Along with a new name, they also have a new track called "No Other Way". It's simply to die for! A very Evanescence/Flyleaf sound. Lead singer Cyrille Robes just happens to be one of my favorite female rockers in the local tri-state scene. Take a listen to their cover of "You Oughta Know" -- she gives Alanis a run for her money. Not only are they good on record, they're even better live. The band puts on a stellar perfomance full of energy and definitely worth seeing. Be sure to check them out! April's End's next show is a Traxx on June 14th. For more info go to or

Happy Listening!

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