Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's the big deal?

I was in the supermarket the last week or so and my eye couldn't help but gaze at one of the weekly tabloid magazines near the check out. On the cover had been a two pictures of Kelly Clarkson, one with her looking very svelte and the other not so much, with a bright bold title geared towards her weight. Last time I checked, Kelly Clarkson had a professional career in making music, not in keeping track of how many pounds she's lost or gained.

It's an unfortunate thing to see that the media is keeping more tabs on what she or any female in the entertainment industry looks like instead of embracing their talent. Clarkson won the hearts of Americans with her amazing voice back in 2002 on American Idol and since then was able to respectfully separate herself from a molded pop star image and continue success in music.

Clearly today's magazines are running out of interesting things to write about for the week and too blind to see that Clarkson's talent surpasses whatever she may look like on stage. She can sing. She's selling records. She's making hits. She's got a good reputation. Who the hell cares?! Kelly Clarkson seems to be living the good life. Let her have her cake and eat it too.
-Ang Castillo

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Vamp said...

I agree wholeheartedly. When I was in Berlin last week the Gossip were playing. I didn't get to the show, but it made me think about how cool it is that there are ladies out there who defy industry "standards"!
Ladies rock cause they rock!! And that should be it!