Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Girlfriends and Groupies

All I ever wanted since I was 13-years-old was to work in music. I wanted to be a big name, a female powerhouse calling all the shots. Now I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I've had a lot of experience and success early in my aspiring career. I've interviewed celebrities and produced and hosted shows. I can proudly say I've done pretty well so far.

But there's one thing that I'm still having a difficult time conquering.See, I work and hang out with a lot of musicians, the majority of them being male. I work at a mainstream booking agency where the majority of the staff are men. And while I worked my butt off to get to where I am, the general assumption is that I'm either someones girlfriend,groupie, or that I was picked off the casting couch.

Even in the new millennium, the music industry is still the boys' club. For years, I've had to face the evil glares from jealous girlfriends who think I'm the groupie screwing her boyfriend and the groupies who think I'm the overbearing girlfriend. Sometimes I think I should walk into a venue with a disclaimer on my shirt saying: "The female standing before you has never had or plans to have personal relations with any male in the building. Thank You."

And sadly, the girls are the harmless ones. Guys are worse.I can't think of a time where I did an interview where a male musician didn't use a pick up line on me or something of the sort. Even guys who aren't into music think, "If she's a rocker chick, she'll drop her pants for anyone. "
NO! That's not what I signed up for!

I understand that music is tough to get into as a female, whether you're a musician or a business woman. While, I do want to get my foot into the door, I don't want to have to show some thigh to get in it. I once was told by a previous female boss that, "If you want a job in the music industry and you're boss is a guy, wear a mini skit to your interview." Well there goes about four years of schooling and about $120,000 down the drain. :sigh:

Look, I'm simply a girl who finds happiness in writing about bands and helping them out occasionally in a cut throat business. More importantly, I'm just a girl who's head over heels crazy in love with music. I got here by being myself, lighting a fire under my ass, and a lot of hard work. Not by being a rock musician's girlfriend. Not by being a groupie. And certainly not by sitting pretty on a casting couch.

So for those of you strong and determined women looking to make an impact in the world of music, I salute you. Keep fighting the good fight.

P.S. Tomorrow's my birthday!