Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tour Highlights, on Day 7

Aw, man. I don't know what's better: The cowboy hat-wearing dames of South85, shakin’ up a storm in the cigarette smoke clogged club Ground Zero, in Spartanburg, S.C., or Nashville's Kink Ado and Shotgun Diary, who shared the stage with us last night.

Oh, and before we forget, here are a few more tour highlights (by Adi, Gail and Marisa):

* Chris, doing more and more backbends while America’s Sweetheart rocks out, all the GRGR ladies singing backup vocals with Val, Trish and Paris.

* Adi’s almost constant channeling of the heavenly spirits and all the “amazing healing energy” created on this tour.

* Gail and Adi doing Kundalini in the parking lot at the Waffle House (we have now been dubbed by the waitresses as “new millennium hippies”)

* Late night confessions and channeling combined with body art -- stop by the girls’ room to join in!

* Gail’s multiples during the performance of their new song “Afterglow” joined by 10 lesbians and Dave almost dropping the guitar on her head! Then, in Nashville, Dave finally did drop the guitar on Bryant's head and nearly knocked him out (we'll post the bloody photo shoot later!).

* Adi asking Gary if he needs anything -- And his response “yeah I need a blow job.” (Any takers out there? The boy is working hard!)

* Rew tying up Bryant as part of her awesome stage antics!

* All the people Rockin’ out with Loki the Grump and Michele during “Fine” at Local 506. Wanna sing along? The chorus is “fucked up insane neurotic emotional!”

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