Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pittsburgh: Breakdowns and Tattoos Galore

Just when you think things can't get any crazier, one of the youngsters ups the ante! Yesterday began with a happy hangover after our Ohio shows, albeit with a heavy dose of exhaustion. And then the America's Sweetheart van broke down. After that we finally got to beautiful Pittsburgh -- an oasis of a town, with houses atop green, green hills, cute little indie coffee shops and tattoo parlors snuggled between pubs and live-music venues.

It sucked a little at first, though. The doorman mandated that all citizens of the Girls Rock & Girls Rule '08 Tour that were under 21 stay far, far away from the club except during their own sets! This extreme rule applied to band members AND roadies, too! Damn. We were so spent only to be torn down another level. But optimism reigned queen, and after blockbuster, fired-up sets by the Sweethearts, Marisa Mini and G-Spot, Morgan decided to get a tattoo across the street (a bass clef on her calf). And where one good idea goes, others follow.

Guitarist Dave, whose life philosophy includes something to the effect of "if you pay for my tattoo, I'll get anything done," was challenged to do just that by roadie Steve. According to legend, Paris dared Dave to get a tattoo of Buddha Gary's face on Dave's ass, and Steve perked up and offered to pay for it!

Ha ha, wait till you see this thing (it's smack on his pale butt cheek -- and wearing red-heart shades!)

Gail capped off the night by getting inked, too! Her very first tat, which we're calling "little G" (the GRGR logo on back of the left shoulder), is quite something!

Now, spirits on high, we're headed to Baltimore! Please come out to the Sidebar tonight if you're in town. Over and out!

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