Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home Sort of...(by founder Gail)

Well we are back and as always its bittersweet - being on tour is amazing, chaotic, wild and wonderful - one day you are leaving and the next day its all over! Its nice to sleep in your own bed but I think we all miss the road, good thing we have CMJ coming up on Tues and can all be together again!

The last day of tour we returned to Baltimore, MD and the Sidebar and in typical rock and roll fashion even though we were on time for our 6pm load in the club staff showed up about 6:45pm, but we were such pros by then getting ready and started on time was no problem! Thanks to Chipotle we had some yummy eats and everyone got fed for a change!

Even though it was the last night the core bands did not skimp one bit on the energy and all performed awesome kick ass sets - G-spot me took their turn at being last and I was so jacked up on the energy I didn't want to stop but the club curfew precluded me from doing an encore! We also enjoyed the beautiful pipes and craziness of Zoi (Zoey) from ZoiRose and the other locals,Victims of Experience and Elise Major rocked the house as well!

Exhausted but satisfied we headed off to Delaware to spend a final night with our friends Bethany and Mike we were revved up for a big party but during the long drive most of us passed out in the van! But we did wake to a home cooked meal and the celebratory Road Mger cake! Thanks Bethany and Mike for your fantastic hospitality one again!

Then Sunday was a long drive home and lots of drop offs! But we made it and I am pretty sure most of us would do it again in a heartbeat! I know I would! Love and gratitude to all the GRGR band members, road managers and local bands! Keep on rockin'

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ReW said...

tour is beloved & we have such amazing memoriez...we are now in the works to make *GiRLS RoCK & GiRLS ruLe*** even more explosive....yessss..we are entering a new phase of BloWinG your world & your minds w/ the power of GIRLS ROCK & GiRLS out...coming to a town near YOU...x0x0x0