Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 4, Somewhere in the Carolinas

On Day 4, somewhere between the adorable college town of Chapel Hill, N.C., and Spartanburg, S.C., it occurs to me that on this early autumn Monday, most everyone we know is at work.

Gail and I, having forgotten what day it was when we woke up didn’t become any more aware at the Waffle House on the side of the road, where we (with Morgan, Gary and Jovan) went for a 2 p.m. lunch of grilled-chicken salads and burgers.

Yes, a 2 p.m. lunch! We’re getting up at 10:30 and 11 a.m., some earlier than others depending on who needs to shower, shave, blog or spoon (Dietmar and Michele, etc.) I’m taking the occasional press call between applying makeup, charging my cell phone and trying to navigate my thoughts between eight different conversations! Crazy stuff!

We’re knee-deep in this, baby, and there ain’t no turnin’ back!

Last night, between Bryant getting dancers to mosh and jump around onstage balls-out, we conjured Mars while trying to mimic the Norfolk/Hershee Bar experience of the night before.

But as much as the divey bar and cute cobblestone streets were a charming accompaniment to the super-fun Princess & The Criminals and Pink Flag, I doubt we’ll able to recreate Night 2 in Norfolk.

Would we want to, though? Princess & The Criminals’ pop-punk, female-fronted aggression inspired me so much. America’s Sweetheart set was the best I’d seen yet twice (first at the North Carolina Sam Ash show, then at the club). These were just two yummy morsels in a feastful night, which unfolded, gently, into another great time. Everywhere you looked, there was Bryant in his bleach-blonde hair and Bad Bains tee, causing a ruckus! Or Gail, shaking her booty, or Donald, under the influence, inviting a fair dame or three back to his hot tub for some shrimp cocktail.

We awoke on Day 4 in good spirits, having slept a full 5.5 hours!

What will the stage hold for us at a club that calls itself Ground Zero, in the heart of South Carolina? We’ll keep you updated. Over and out.

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