Friday, October 10, 2008

Of Bloody Concussions and Kentucky Journeys

Day 6 ended with a bloody concussion at Third & Lindsley, where an angst-ridden Dave accidently mashed Bryant and Marisa in the head with his axe during an especially passionate cover of “The Passenger.” Too bad Kink Ador, which performed a solid, groovy contempo-rock set only moments before, had left the building for a bit of mingling. So did the guys from the Nashville Scene, though not after snapping pics of the talented locals.

Some of us chose to hit the main strip in Nashville to check out the scene (Paris, Dave, Rew, and the rest of America’s Sweetheart). Others went back to the moldy-ass Rodeway Inn to nurse colds (Gail), and the lame ones among us (me, Morgan, Gary), opted for sleep. But sleep is rejuvenating, no? And therefore, not lame!

Day 7 began with a mad scramble out of that nasty hotel, which some (Marisa) felt was so gross even a small shower couldn’t be taken (not to mention Nashville’s tap water doesn’t hold a candle to sweet Brooklyn’s nectar-like faucet drippings).

But with Steve’s impeccable driving, an idyllic, tree-and-hill view from a pit stop in Kentucky, and Morgan’s glee over setting foot in Cracker Barrel (she practically bought the whole store), this leg of the tour isn’t too terrible. But Jovan singing Plain White Tees’ “Hey There Delilah?” Freaking terrible!

We in the 14-person cargo van don’t get to see much of Chris, Val and Trish. They’re busy chugging along in the “Sweetheart Van.” But we do catch glimpses of the lanky lad Chris running around a club, guerilla-filmmaker style, snapping up interviews and music with his tiny white video recorder. The Sweethearts have the best outfits, hands down, especially with Paris and her glitter makeup, cut-up animal-print tees and sequined skirts.

Yes, when you’ve been on the road for a week with 19 other musicians and roadies, a little bit of creative boredom (and restlessness) sets in. Songs take on a life of their own, and everyone hops onstage to grab a mic and sing a chorus of “uh-oh” or “even the mighty fall” or “boys, I like boys!” Band members bleed. It’s a big striptease contained inside the bubble of a love fest. Or something like that. The outside world seems so, so far away!

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