Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 3: Life Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

It’s Day 3, and we barely have time to sleep, let alone blog! Let’s just say the last two days of tour, in D.C. and Norfolk, Va., have been THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!! I think the rest of the group agrees with me (Marisa Mini) here -- it’s been pretty magical!
Some highlights:

* Stuffing 14 people into a passenger van on time -- and getting the heck out of dodge.
* A pierced gas attendant named Twiggy buying Marisa’s CD in New Jersey; a streaky haired chick hitting on Bryant.
* Adi’s mad fun MC skills/Dancing on the tables at Norfolk’s Hershee Bar with the lesbians.
* Hourly catfights at the Hershee Bar.
* Watching Jovan vomit his brains out in the van (Phil’s favorite experience was cleaning it up).
* Jovan getting head in the bathroom by some woman. And he’s not messing with us (he says).
* Gail’s fun times flirting with Ricardo, who took her out for a glass of wine during Marisa’s set in Washington, D.C.
* Victoria Vixen, Marisa Mini’s hot burlesque dancing friend, stripping to “The Passenger” (and Dave from G-Spot playing guitar in unison with Bryant!).
* Curly and The Rocket -- the husband-wife team of Adrienne (drums, vocals) and Peter (guitars) -- putting The White Stripes to shame. They rocked! D.C. peeps, check them out ASAP.
* Adi and Gail riding on the back of a big dude’s bike to kill time before the rush of pussy.
* Jovan -- “The woman at the bar said in order to get a shot you’ll have to show me your penis.”
* New road manager Gary, petting a stray cat outside the Hershee Bar
* Bar manager Ricardo changing the rules on us a half-dozen times (“It’s $8 all-you-can-drink sodas!”) at The Red and The Black.

Check out some of the bands that rocked out in Washington D.C

Yes, my voice is totally shot and I haven’t even gotten out of Virginia. And tonight’s gig in North Carolina (at Local 506) is going to be tough to follow.

Stay tuned! We’ll update you on Chris’ magical guitar-wielding prowess, Paris’ latest fashions, Rew’s “Tie Me Up” props and Donald’s burgeoning peanut butter addiction.

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