Friday, August 28, 2009

Rockin' Out, Rockin' Out, Rockin' Out!

After spending a few days at Willie Mae Rock Camp, a camp for girls that teaches them not only how to be a rock star but also how to be an empowered female, I was amazed by how excited the girls were to perform in their new bands even though many of them had just began playing their instrument earlier that week. It would have taken me months to play as well as they had in a mere week’s time. With hours of instrument practice a day, as well as workshops and band practice, it was inspiring how intensely they worked and practiced to prepare for their performance. There is no limit at Willie Mae to what the girls can create and express at camp! They can choose from a variety of traditional instruments like bass, drums, guitar, vocals, or keyboard as well as the more non-traditional such as; violin, turn tables, and even cowbells, spoons and kazoos! For more about my time at Willie Mae keep check back on the GRGR blog and keep an eye out for a feature story in an upcoming GRGR newsletter! And check out the video here:

Harlee Ludwig, Teen Correspondant

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