Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'll Be Rockin When I'm 70!

Years ago I wrote a song called "Revolutionary" an ode to my frustrations about the music industry...the ageism, the need that lady rockers be held to an unrealistic standard of beauty etc. The song concludes that none of that matters to me cause I will keep rockin' no matter what! The last line of my song is "I'll be rockin' when I'm 70, I'll be rockin' as long as I can breathe!". Well can we talk about a mega inspiring moment I had last week when I was volunteering at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. WMRC in and of itself is such an amazing experience - just seeing a group of 100 girls form bands and write and perform a song in front of 100s of people in just a week, while learning about self expression, comraderie and communication would have been enough! Rockin with the volunteer band would have been enough! But there was another cherry on the sundae; each day WMRC has well known lady rockers performing for the girls at lunch time. Amy Ray was there from the Indigo Girls but the ultimate highlight was lady blues rocker Beverly Watkins performance, and the icing on the cake when she announced to the crowd that she was 70 years old Oh yeah!! She was accompanied by Lafrae slammin' on drums (she toured with me in 2007 so I know first hand how good she is) and Felice Rosser on bass - all I can say is WOW - Girls Rock & Girls Rule! Check out the video on our YouTube site
For more scoop on the lil rockin ladies of WMRC and what its all about - check back on the blog for post from our GRGR Teen Correspondant, Harlee and a feature story in the Oct. newsletter!
Rock On, G. GRGR Founder/CEO

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