Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reni Lane's Music Brings out a New World

Reni Lane is surely making her place in New York. I just had an interview today with this rocker and I must say it was quite an experience. After she was a few minutes late due to her dead phone, (I can so relate. My phone has been acting up lately too.) we headed into a beautiful conversation where we discussed how her lyrics influenced her fans, how PJ Harvey inspired her, and her concerts that she had right in her college dorm room. Her thoughts on women in rock and the musical connection with her fans put me in a dreamworld; a world where I could feel one with the music as if it's a guide telling me that every thing's going to be OK. And my dreamworld didn't end there. This vivacious singer has a pop, yet alternative edge to her music that really connects with the listener. Her single “Place for us” put me on the road for adventure. The beat easily stuck in my head and lit up my night as it had me thinking of sunlight. A ray of hope was set in my mind. Surely, Reni's music has a place in my heart. Check out this single on itunes on August 11 and the Q&A with this awesome femme in the future.


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