Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Wedding Fit for a Rock Queen

Perhaps I'm on some sort of a writing dry spell because I have no clue about this subject in particular, but I feel that this will have some kind of pull with a lot of you ladies out there. A friend of a friend of mine just had a wedding not to long ago. Personally, I wouldn't really care about a ceremony but what was so cool about this one was that it was a total rockstar themed wedding. I'm not one for lace and lillies but I also wouldn't wanna be married by an Elvis impersonator.My friend attended her rocker wedding at a small music venue/theater where the couple got married on stage and made all the guests wear temporary tattoos of their initials.
Surprisingly this is a trend that is being pulled off by many modern rock brides.

So for the rocker chick who has found a rocking prince charming and ready to walk down the aisle in a none traditional fashion (including some of our GRGR ladies ;]), this one goes out to you.

Now for those planning the ultimate rocker soiree, I'd check these sites out: and These two sites provide pictures and stories of brides who threw unforgettable ceremonies that prove to stand out among the rest. They have great ideas from giving out personalized guitar pics as wedding goodies to groomsmen wearing matching converse sneakers.

To add some more inspiration, take a look at some famous rocker weddings during the past years such as Gwen Stefani, Pink, and Carmen Electra.

Hope this helps out some brides to be. With a rockstar theme to die for, I'm sure it will be fun for you, the groom and everyone else attending. Let's just hope I find my rockstar so that I may do the same! Wishing you nothing but love and happiness!

-Ang xoxo

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