Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blame the Patient

I recently discovered, Blame the Patient a popular new band in New York City. Almost everything about this fresh new band is unmistakably their own including their three choices for T-shirts that have a Casino Gnome drawn by the talented lead singer Sofie Kapur herself. The band consists of brother and sister bassist and singer Anders and Sofie Kapur from New Jersey, drummer Annie Stabenau and guitarists Hunter Lombard and Andrew Leopold from all over the city. Their retro sound is catchier every time you listen to their songs and Sofie’s raw but clear voice is unmistakably distinctive. Not only do they play their own songs like “Subway Song” and “The Wind” but they do an awesome cover of the Pixies cult classic “Where is My Mind.” Recently opening for ACAMP, Blame the Patient is easily on their way to being one of the few good “rock” bands out there. Check out Blame the Patient now at myspace.com/blamethepatient or even become a fan on their Facebook page!

Harlee, GRGR Teen Correspondent

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