Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kittie's Intense Prowl

Hey GRGR rockers,

I've been gone, but only to pursue my studies upstate at school. I could never forget about the girls at GRGR. While up here, I heard about this metal band called Kittie who'll be playing at the Northern Lights arena in Clifton Park, NY on Oct. 29. I was very pleased to hear that the North Country does embrace women in rock. I just had to check their sound out for myself.

They just had an album come out called "In the Blade" which was released on Sept. 15. Their song "My Plague" evoked a feeling of war. Hell could be felt rumbling under me as I felt the strong bass of the guitar. Their screams were heard like a battle cry as the music battled against their inner demons. It was like they were battling against a plague within themselves. Their song "Cut Throat" was very hardcore. My head was having a seizure with the amount of times I rocked my head to this tune. Rage and desperation could be felt through the intensity of their drums. Their music had me ready and energized for a fight. Too bad I have nothing to fight but a pile of homework waiting for me. Homework, you're going down.

Hopefully, the north country will have more rockin femmes in the near future. Bands like Kittie needs to be heard more often. This awesome music needs to claw its way to all parts of New York. Maybe even the United States. Maybe even the world. Until next time. Peace out.


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