Monday, September 14, 2009

Lessons I Learned at Willie Mae Rock Camp

Hey it's Harlee the teen correspondant again sharing some more of my experience at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls! In addition to lots of music time WMRC also offers the campers lots of great workshops that run the gamut from songwriting to non musical topics to build self esteem and confidence. One such workshop that I participated in was "Self Care Skill Share". It was about boosting self confidence and some cool tools to do so. First we were told to write down in the third person what we thought a stranger would think and see when they look at us. Next the girls wrote "their story" -- which could be anything from when they were born to the previous days breakfast-- but this time in second person from an objective point of view referring to themselves as "you" because as we learned that day, it's easier to talk about yourself in second person. After we all compared the two lists, finding what was most different and most similar they were told about something called a Crisis List. A Crisis List is where on one side there is numerous feelings and things that put you in a bad place and on the other side is filled with good things to improve your mood. They were told that there are no ends to the lists and more can be added every day and to use the lists when feeling down about self appearance, friendships, or anything. This particular workshop shows how the camp is not only about music but about empowerment and strength as well. More on my WMRC experience in the October issue of the GRGR RockHotsheet! If you haven't already sign up this month and be entered to win a Daisy Rock Guitar!

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