Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From Our West Coast Correspondant: Placing Your Music in Film & TV

Good day Good folks! My name is Vesti, and I am honored to share my first ASCAP Expo experience with all of you. I want to recap one of the panels I think is most important to us as musicians, performers and writers.

Production Music: Placing Your Music in Film, TV, Video Games and Advertising

The panel -- a row of executives from Heavy Hitters, RipTide, Universal Publishing, APM and 615 Music -- discussed what they look for in your submissions and the best way to get your songs in their libraries.

Here's the scoop:

1. If you’re a musician who has toyed with the idea of hearing your song in one or all of these categories, then listen up – these small details may hold the key to your success.
Numero-Uno, go both ways. (Maybe I should clarify!). Submit two versions of your song, one with vocals, and one without. If you’re working with explicit lyrics, go ahead and send the down and dirty version but, back it up with one that is cleaned up.

2. Remember that in TV and film, “the music supports the scene.” You want the music to intensify and strengthen the scene, not drown it out. As dandy and divine as we all think our music is, ultimately people are paying to see a game of cat and mouse between Clarice and Dr. Lecter in Hannibal. By the way, (*my opinion) the sweet and eerie music provided by Hans Zimmerman is what makes this movie more than just a person eating people flick.

3. As far as, genre types, these particular publishing companies get the most requests for Rock/Pop Mainstream, Big Band and Quartet. They look for music that is versatile enough to fit in the background of a coffeehouse, nightclub or crime scene. If you don’t feel you fit into one of these genres, don’t fret.

4. The truth is if you have a catchy hook, great vocals and a lyrical pull, it won’t matter what genre you fall into, they’ll be lucky to have you.

So, start submitting your most worthy material and follow-up with emails until you get a response. Don’t be afraid to be persistent. The best way get heard? Make some noise!

Special thanks, to Gail and Marisa for being so awesome. Rock on ladies!

- Vesti

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