Monday, May 4, 2009

The Hottest Girl Punk Showcase EVER!!

Wow! That's all I can say after experiencing Saturday night's Girl Punk showcase with Tibbie X, S.M.U.T., Solito, LTG, and the awesome Trauma Team 666 (a total gorefest/feminist/twisted experience). Hard to pick a favorite. Then again, I'm biased (my band The Underage Hotties Played). 
Tibbie X kicked off the night with her ferocious, kitten-growl-meets-dead-silence set. She wore a homemade "I love Swine Flu" dress and hot-pink tights, and at one point in her brief set tied up an innocent audience boy while reciting explicit poetry. 
Solito, comprising the duo of self-described "trailer trash" married couple Shawna and Moose, played some serious Mixolodian scales and guitar loops atop tight drums and mod-poppy vocals. Go to North Carolina's backcountry to see more of these folks. We totally loved playing with them a second time after their GRGR debut at smokey South Carolina bar Ground Zero back in October. 
Loki the Grump delivered its usual melodious rock-and-punky-hardcore sound, with Michele's soaring vocals, a tight rhythm section and a watergun shootout. 
Trauma Team 666 totally blew minds in blood-splattered white suits. Singer Amy, a gravelly-voiced, powerful, busty gal whose sexually explicit/feminist lyrics put men in their place, got the ladies dancing and chanting. It was a TOUGH act to follow. 
Can't say much about my own band, Marisa Mini & The Underage Hotties, except that we had a nice time belting out our usual melodies -- and getting to do "The Passenger" one last time with Dave Perry (ex-G-Spot guitarist). 
S.M.U.T. (GRGR Rock Hotsheet's featured "Fierce Femme" of this month) finished off the night, with singer Cutie Calamity's Brit-punk vocals and Bryant Furey (also my co-guitarist) on backup vox and guitar. 

Lots of drinks were had, many were free. And a good time was had by all. We LOVE Hanks. 

I'll be posting more photos later. 

Xo, Marisa

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! It was a brilliantly fun night!!