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ASCAP EXPO 3rd & Final Day!

ASCAP Music Expo – Day 3

So fellow rockers and fans I am a day or so late posting the final day of the ASCAP Music Expo blog…On Saturday there wasn’t anything that I felt compelled to attend in the morning so I headed over to the event around 2pm…took a meeting with our friends at Noisy Planet to discuss partnering…fellow artists they have a great site that offers many services for musicians – you can sell your music, get promo materials, licensing and more. They are great peeps, offer personal service and are very reasonable. You can check them out at

I decided that I wanted to close the conference by just being getting inspired listening to great songwriters. I attended two panels back to back chock-full of some incredible talent discussing the creation of their songs and also playing them. It’s really interesting to learn how many mega hits are actually written or co-written by someone other then the artist who sings them. Even bands like Aerosmith and The Eagles and artists like Cyndi Lauper and Joan Osbourne. They do write some of their own music but often work with outside songwriters. Watching the songs being performed by the writer versus the artist you can see it’s truly a partnership and both are equally important because the right performer /singer brings a great song to a whole other level.

The first panel featured Stephen Bishop (On & On, Separate Lives), Wendy Walden (Saving the Best for Last). BTW, Wendy was also one of the first female record producers- u go girl! Plus Gary Baker (I Swear) and Jack Tempchun (Peaceful Easy Feelin’, Already Gone). Yes again only one woman on the panel; maybe its generational I guess back in the 70’s when a lot of these great songwriters and industry heavyweights were coming up maybe there just weren’t as many opportunities for women to break in and now that is reflected in the landscape of these events. So ladies let’s step it up and change the picture so hopefully in a few years it will panels full of rockin’ ladies!

On the closing session Round Up were songwriters Erick Bazillian, Holly Knight, Rob Heiman, Narada Michael Walden, and Emanuel Krakon. Guys these are the heavy hitters…Rob wrote “Time After Time” and Erik wrote “One of Us” (one of my personal favorites). Holly Knight has written several hits for Tina Turner including “Better Be Good to Me” and “Simply the Best” plus “Love is a Battlefield”, “The Warrior” etc. Emanuel was the baby of this seasoned group but still has some biggies under his belt (“Crush”, “What’s Left of Me”). I absolutely loved Narada this guy has written more then 50 hit songs but is also a drummer so instead of doing the standard acoustic performance he got on a full kit backed by tracks and started rockin’ a medley of many of his major pop dance hits (Freeway of Love, Dance with Somebody, So Emotional, Who’s Zoomin’ Who, Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now and on and on). What an awesome spirit and incredible energy, just a blast to watch. Towards the end of the session they all started playing with each other and throwing in some cool instrumentation like accordion, melodica and mandola…What a fantastic way to close out…you just want to go home and write songs all day long!

Just a few more tidbits I liked and wanted to share from the conference:

The really good songs often come out quick in one swoop, its such a gift from the universe you just have to accept it, (I definitely find that to be true for myself…I am just happy when I can keep writing…) so grab that inspiration quick when it comes!

“Out of pain and your soul comes the great songs and melodies” Narada
“The most important thing is showing up and that’s also the hardest” Jack Tempchin

“Don’t give up on the songs you believe in” Gary Baker
Writers block is when you come up with a bunch of ideas and you think that they all suck – collaboration in this case is highly recommended. Playing with strange instruments also opens up the possibilities

All in all a great 3 days, now I am on the plane heading back to NYC, where I intend to write that hit song and rock the world – care to join me!
A special thanks to all my good friends in LA; Doug & Richard, Anne & Will, Robert & Todd it was great to see you and thanks for your hospitality, can’t wait to do it again! And to my new friends and West Coast correspondents Vesti & Brad! And thanks to ASCAP for putting such a pro event I have been to several conferences and I have to tell you they beat them hands down.

Finally some GRGR announcements,

NYC people the Girls Rock Girls Rule Premiere is just a few days away, Sat. May 2nd at Hanks Saloon in Brooklyn, we have an awesome night of lady Punk Rockers for your aural pleasure(Marisa Mini, Loki the Grump, Solito, Trauma Team, Tibbie from Kissy Kamikaze, and S.M.U.T.) hosted by yours truly and Rew! We’ll have music, giveaways from Shure, Sam Ash and more! It’s going to be a blast so get your asses there! Also our May newsletter will be out in a few days featuring an interview with Daisy de la Hoya and much more haven’t signed up go to the top of this page and hit the link.

Be on the lookout launches in June and will be full of the latest and hottest information, interviews, advice, events and more that you don’t want to miss!

OK this correspondent is signing off for now

Sat Nam, Rock On! G.
Girls Rock & Girls Rule

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