Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The bands of GRGR's upcoming PUNK NITE!

Band Bios for GRGR 2009's debut event and first ever themed showcase: PUNK NITE!!!

Saturday, May 2nd - Hank's Saloon - Brooklyn, NY


Loki the Grump (NY; CORE) LOKI THE GRUMP [are] "known for their punchy hooks, driving pulse and a strong female vocalist who brings it all together. Kind of like the lovechild of Black Flag and Poly Styrene," says Church of Girl, while Village Voice describes them as "theatrical, sardonic punk rock." With a mission of "puttin' the FUN back in GRUMP" it's no wonder LTG has been spreading the grumpiness worldwide to a rabid and ever-growing fan base who proudly declare themselves GRUMPIES. Frontwoman Michele Jaffe – an award-winning songwriter - has evolved from playing drums in punk/goth bands into a loud, raucous and in-your-face rock goddess! She is joined by guitarist Dimitri Vishnepolsky – a Moscow-born violin & trumpet-playing guitar god; monster bassist Phil Pham, recognized for his numerous stints in NYC rock and punk bands; and a rotating roster of kick-ass drummers, with the incredibly rockin' Jovan drumming for GRGR events. This diverse combo serves off-the-charts performances and hook-laden songs that haunt you for days - pure Grumpy FUN! They recently launched their sophomore album, a limited edition CD titled "Who U Callin' A Pussy! (The CCNY Sessions)". Catch Loki the Grump at a Girls Rock & Girls Rule event in a city near you! It's time to GET GRUMPY!! (lokithegrump.com)

Marisa Mini (NY; CORE) Marisa Mini & The Underage Hotties (NY; CORE) plays dirty, funny, rough-around-the-edges rock. Led by guitarist/singer Marisa – who made her GRGR debut acoustically with hilarious songs about sodomy, vibrators and blondeness -- the band is now a four-person force. Energized, mohawked hottie Bryant takes lead guitars, adorable and precise (and blonde) hottie Bettie Morgan rules the bass and second vocals, and pounding metal man hottie Jovan delivers the drum beats. Their live performances have culminated in blood and bruises, but everyone's guaranteed to have a good time! (myspace.com/marisamini)

S.M.U.T. (NY) is a Brooklyn based Punk band with an attitude. Hailing back to the early days of Punk and smashing it up with their own individual style of harmonies, hardcore breakdowns, oi, and aggro, they will smack you upside the head with sound. S.M.U.T. is fronted by Cutie Calamity, NYC artist and ex manager of Reagan Youth and Bryant Furey of the Liberties & Marisa Mini on Guitar and Vocals, with Big Joe on Bass and Vocals & Will on drums. S.M.U.T. is good, aggressive, fun music for anyone with a sense of humor and a love for shaking things up. (myspace.com/nycsmut)

Solito (NC/SC) Solito is an art punk duo AND a fusion duo. The art punk set is an hour plus of in your face 3 to 7 minute songs that meld the styles and technique of punk,
metal, pop, and prog. This version of the band has been compared to Talking Heads, Zappa meets Butthole Surfers, Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth. The fusion set is an hour plus of “tumbling jazz interpretations”. Solito’s unique compositions are simple yet interesting
in form and style. Mostly influenced by 70’s fusion and Miles Davis. In both of its incarnations, Solito performs mostly original music with a couple obscure covers. For the last 12 years Shawna and Moose have been playing hundreds of shows covering North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina. They have also been involved in 4 full length recordings. In October of 2008, Solito opened up for Unknown
Hinson and were part of a Girls Rock Girls Rule Tour based out of New York City. (myspace.com/musicalspanking)

Tibbie X (NY) Tibbie X is the lead singer/antagonist of Kissy Kamikaze NYC Femme Fatale punk . Having toured across Europe and a part of the NYC underground for over 13 years she has reputation for her aggressive vocals and violent stage antics. An East village warrior with a lot of heart she claims to only write love songs, suicidal/homicidal truths, personal disasters made universal. Her solo work is self labeled as "Romanticide
chaoscore". (myspace.com/Kissykamikaze)

Trauma Team 666 (NY) Trauma Team 666 formed in June 6th, 2006. It is fronted by the always intoxicated ChasTITTY Chace. Bloody Mary is the VERY DANGEROUS drummer. Please keep your hands inside that ride at all times! Paul Mastiff is the solid rock guitar star who keeps the rest of the fucktards in line. Trauma Team 666 has an impressive NEW bassist. Said bassist will be officially revealed that very night! All members will be available after the show for general butt kissing, autographs and free drinks! Come get sick with Trauma Team 666 or stay home and be a loser. Your call. (myspace.com/traumateam666)


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