Saturday, May 16, 2009

well Spring is SprinGing..& we WANT to RoCK even Harder...So the *Girls Rock & GiRls RUle * team are pouding the pavement & playing ALL over the Nation..the core bands are playing like crazee in the tristate area...& gettng ready for our showcase shows spread out over the next months of this 2009 year...our next will be in July..let's hope it doesnt' get here too quickly & we can savour every day up til then.. Me, myself, ReW* played last nite in Mr Sinatra land..Hoboken a club called *Saints & SInners*..that alone was enough for my liing..
i played w/ my bandthe*Dirty*Mothers & it was a fun gig for sure.. the nite was a GoGirls sponsored nite & the NATCH! {our dear friendz} played along w/ many other artists & bands... Many people seem to confuse *Girls Rock Girls Rule* w/ * GoGirls*...this makes me crazeee...yes i understand how similar they sound just PLEASE may i clarify here...maybe one ddya you will get the differnce..

GoGirls is a national organization that comes out of TEXAS..Madayn Sklar is the founder & HEAD basically is an online community where they supply information & motivation to ALL types of chicks that rock..all catagoriez..NATIONAL chapters are set up & run independently with the GoGirls...*Girls Rock Girls Rule** is based out of NYC..we have sponsored are a movement to bring HARDER RoCK into the mainstream world focusing on education...EMPOWERMENT...playig gigs & just basically KICKIN ASS all over the planet...
We have a core team that does pretty much all the groundworkd & we are expanding our horizons to encapsulate your hearts & brains with music by Gurls that Rock & Rule..


tell me if you can decipher the differnces & you just mite be in the running for a Daisy Rock Guitar...cause the endorse us & we LUV

I also would like yo uto know i cohost *RewBees WorlD* internet show every wednesday 4-6pm here in can watch live @ & all our past shows are @
if you'd like to be a guest..let us know..we do Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame interviews...& you can plug, play & get dirty w/ me & Bee...all in good fun...
check it out...we have openings in July & on....

okay...come out to our show on July 16th @ Hank*S Saloon in Brooklyn ..there will be a bar-b-q & lots of HOT..GIrRlS Rockin...
out 4 now..LuV<

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