Thursday, September 20, 2007

Long Island, NY

Hello all!!  Steve here, I am back for round two.  The GRGR Preivew shows ended in Long Island and everyone is very excited for this tour.  If you were there for the show, you know what I mean.  These shows are getting better and better each time.  

Before we get started with the photos from the show, I want to say thanks to the GRGR crew for the birthday wishes at the show!  23 years old has started off amazing.

Marisa Mini kicked off the show with a bang!!

WBAB helped bring down the house

Loki The Grump was not too grumpy.  She rocked it!

MC Garry supporting Loki The Grump.  He also wears some hot red pants!!

G-spot = Rockstars

Rewbee not disapointing at all

Men love to watch GRGR also!

Locals, The Raygun Girls

All Out Riot. (They were very fun to dance too!)

Dormitory Effect.  One of the few all girl bands

The girls hanging out outside the club.

As you can see, this tour is going to be amazing.  Make sure you come out when we come to your town.   I will be posting more once the tour gets started, but just wanted to give you guys a preview of this amazing tour.  Below are the tour dates.

See ya on the road!!!!


Sept 22 - Washington DC - DC 9
Sept 23 - Wilmington DE - Mojo 13
Sept 24 - Baltimore MD - Sidebar Tavern
Sept 25 - Philadelphia PA - The Khyber
Sept 26 - Newport RI - Newport Blues Club
Sept 27 - Chicopee MA - Maximum Capacity
Sept 28 - Ithaca NY - The Haunt
Sept 29 - Elmira NY - The Hot End
Sept 30 - Brooklyn NY - Rockstar Bar

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vacation said...

Hi from Norway, What a great tour!! Wish we could be there. Are you coming to Scandinavia?