Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lodging in Philly

Here we are in Philly and we couldn't be having a better time. Every person on tour has such a great personality and I love it!!! I am currently in the lobby of our hotel with Dietmar (our other road manager). He is from Germany and you should definitely say Hi to him at a show. I really wish I had time to update this more. Rew has been video taping a ton so I think when we get back to NYC I will make some cool video.

Anyways, the past two shows have been great. Delaware was such a fun night It was definitely G-spots best show so far!!!

Check out the awesome crowed G-spot had. The place was a dance hall!!!

Check out the PrimaDonna drummer. He totally got into the GRGR spirit.

Loki the Grump

Sexiness in Delaware


Marisa gettin her groove on!!!!!

We had a great night and the after party was even better.

Emitt the dog. Probably one of the most adorable dogs I have ever seen.

Baltimore...Here we come!!!!

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