Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hello New Jersey!!!

Well hello all. My name is Steve and I will be letting you know what is happening on the Girls Rock Girls Rule (GRGR) 2007 tour. I will be zipping across the east coast and taking you all along for the ride. Each day of the tour, I will be posting reports, photos and possibly some backstage videos of some crazy adventures we get ourselves into. You may even get a few posts from various band members, or other road managers throughout the tour.

The first preview show took place in Hoboken New Jersey. Now, I don't know what you all have heard about Jersey, but let me tell you...Hoboken is one amazing place. While hanging out with Rew (from Rewbee), we agreed it was almost a place you would want to vacation. Definitely not what I expected.

Below are some photos from the show!!

The Catholic Girls rockin' out!!

Edible Red doing what they do best!

Michele (Loki The Grump), Gail (G-spot) and Collett (Edible Red)

Gail singing her heart out.

Loki The Grump

Infernophonic.  They were amazing!!!

Rewbee (One amazing girl from New York City)

Marisa Mini knows how to rock out!!!

We, of coarse, want to thank one of our sponsors Rolling Rock!! (I had to put a photo of myself up on the first blog)

With the first preview show a great success, I cannot wait till we leave!!!

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