Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Betty!

well well well another **BETTY* HoLidAy extravanganza..this time at the very chi chi 'HiGhLiNe BallRooM'...BETTY is so kool & chic & they really know how to do a holiday show right..& the certainly wear slick leather, rubber, spandex, silver boots, straps, holey tights, SEXY SEXY SEXXXY...the sisters Amy & Elizabeth..& the drop dead knock out Alyson Palmer front the band...their songz are catchy & the harmonies are exquisite...doesn't hurt they have the theme song from 'the L Word'& the audience is theirs...eating out of their handz so to speak..they had a great song called 'cheater' & another called 'linda blair' & they are often playing around with gender bending & breaking the rules in all sorts of relationships...lust is a common thread thru out..It doesn't hurt that Gloria Steinham introduced them & I even had the pleasure of thanking her for paving the way for all of us & she responded "Sure, it was fun!"..I bet she could still be in PLAYBOY..she's gorgeous...'It's my Party" Leslie Gore also sang with the band & my fearless *GRGR* leader Gail & i sat at the "GORE" reserved table...we even ate some yummy vegan burgers & fries...highly recommended at the Highline... classy classy evening & my first candy cane of the season to boot...BETTY is worth seeing any time you can...they put on such a great show & have been doing it for a long time...their chemistry is so natural...& they being the pros they are were stupified by doing an encore of an unrehearsed tune & nailed it...BETTY is like a living cartoon & they definitly have you leaving happy...

Happy Holidaze!

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