Monday, October 12, 2009

Props to Jasmine Solano

I hope all is well with you guys. School is going for me, but now I'm ready for some GRGR action.

Girls Rock Girls Rule is known for giving mucho props to women in rock & roll. These women deserve full respect for their contribution to music. Yet, today we're going to step out of this awesome genre for just a second and give kudos to hip hip DJ Jasmine Solano.

Just like many of our rockers, this chick keeps it real. Her song "That's Not it" is pleasure to the ears. Solano vibes about the pleasure that she's not getting from a guy and about the wack game that he's trying to pull on her. The beat is real slow, but is perfect to just chill to when strolling around the city with friends.

"Coco Puff" has a slow beat to it too but has a more energizing feel. Her seductive voice flows well with the steady beat. Her lyrics demand for attention. "It's electric punanny to you." Her sound is more relaxed than loud, but the listener would know what she wants. The passion doesn't echo through the ears; it can be felt.

Solano is opening for the Clipse on Oct. 22 with Myspace Music in NYC. This upcoming artist does well with getting her message out as many of our rockers do. She has truly made a name for herself in the hip hop game and is kicking ass for women in music. Keep doing your thing Solano. Until next time rockers =). Peace.


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