Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hangin Out @ CMJ - music and messages from Andrew W.K.

Its that time of year again, the leaves are falling and NYC is hosting the annual CMJ Music Marathon. I didn't even think I would be attending this year, as GRGR did not have a showcase, but the universe via a wonderful and generous spirit dropped the opportunity in my lap and who am I say no when such a thing happens! A shout out and thanks to my friend Davida! So what's my experience so far, like most music conferences you go to lots of panels, get some good tidbits of information, make some new connections, get some free goodies and then there are those occasional surprises. Sometimes you have an unexpected experience that doesn't even have anything to do with the core purpose of being where you are at! So rather then reporting on the regular tips & tidbits I'd love to tell you about my surprise experience of attending a presentation with Andrew W.K. Now keep on mind I had no idea who this person was (OK maybe I live under a rock?), but he was a featured speaker and my friend and co-correspondent the lovely Collette McLafferty (GRGR alum, lead singer of Edible Red and MTV video super star) was encouraging me to check him out. Now Andrew was described to me as a quirky artist musician who sang songs mostly about partying (even managed a whole album of it), a kooky guest star on reality TV shows among other such things...what a surprise to get an hour and 15 minute interaction with a charming, funny character who had an uplifting, inspiring and spiritual message. So although its not directly related to music, it is about life and my spiritual Kundalini yoga teacher persona wants to share it. So here is some of the wisdom from Andrew:
Do what you love and do it with all your intensity!(in response to a guy talking about how he really loves to party)
Take responsibility for all that happens to you - don't blame it on outside forces.
Even nothing is something. - (an explanation about Andrews tattoo that was meant to mean nothing)
Its good to be outside your comfort zone, when in a place of doubt just have the experience, you can learn the most going through those things that you don't understand.
He has made a point of making himself the project instead of having to pick only one thing to focus on and do! (Amen!)
Maintain a belief that the world is good & perfect even when it doesn't make sense in its imperfections.
Following ones own will is the only way to be successful.
Keep being vulnerable and crushing your ego!
Do the most riskiest most crazy things the ones that are the least reasonable or safe.
Look at your life like a movie you are the main character and creating the the script the more outlandish the better. (makes for a more interesting movie!)
Don't think of anything as failing think everything that happens as meant to be.
We are not here to doubt others just be on your own path.

And finally how wierd was this he and I had the same vocal coach Melissa Cross - the universe is so cool!

OK after all that wisdom, CMJ is after all a Music Festival and finally we did go see some bands last night! Our pick of the day was an awesome duo Buke & Gass from right here in Brooklyn -- this girl and guy had it going on -- sounding like a full band with two guitars, a whole bunch of pedals, bells on there feet and kick drum with a tamborine! Genre was difficult to pinpoint kind of an eclectic ambient pscyhedelic rock, with cool odd time signatures alternatively melodic and dissonant. Check them out!

Till tomorrow, when Miss Collette reports on musical highlights and other nonsense from tonight!
Gail Silverman
GRGR Founder/CEO

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