Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey Mondays New CD!

Hey Monday is back with another album, to drop August 17th. The talented Cassadee and partner Mike started Hey Monday in March 2008 when their former band, Blake, split up. Their talent was recognized by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, and they were well on their way to rocking after signed to Wentz’s label ‘Decaydance’. Their first album dropped in October 2008. Hey Monday started their career touring with awesome bands like: The Acadamy Is...., We The Kings, The Cab, This Providence, Rocket To The Moon, and Cash Cash. The touring didn’t stop there. Hey Monday headed out again, this time for a world tour with Fall Out Boy.

The Band did a lot of tours with Cassadee leading on vocals and now they are back with a new album titled “ Beneath It All”. This album is going to portray the growth of the band. Hey Monday teamed up with talent such as Katy Perry, Avril Levine, Dave Katz of Cobra Starship, and many more talented musicians, to level up their sound. All the songs were co-written by Cassadee who has promised deep and honest lyrics. “Beneath It All” delves deep into love, her family, her friends and all the important aspects that make up her life.

Before the album drops you can catch Hey Monday touring with the Warped Tour. To get a sneak peak at “Beneath It All” visit

By Daniella Bondar

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