Monday, November 23, 2009

Blameshift...Stay Tuned for More!

Bike designed by Wayne Herrschaft, photo taken by the same awesome guy! No more bus, were riding this around the country next tour.

Blameshift has bright future ahead of them and a glittering past behind them.
The native Long Island band released their first album in 2007 and then committed to non-stop touring.
Members Tim Barbaur ( guitar and vocals), Joey Meyer ( bass), James Miller (drums) and rocking lady Jenny Mann (vocals) spent two years non stop touring. Playing eight national tours and six dates on Vans Warped Tour.
They had a little break and then headed back on tour this past summer.
The band recently finished up the Girls vs Boy tour and are now, finally, back home in Long Island and working on their new album.
If their new album is anything like the tracks they have now, then it will rock out loud!
In my opinion, Blameshift kicks ass ! Front girls Jenny can pull her weight with the boys.
My two favorite tracks have to be; Saints & Sinners and War Withing,mix rocking chica Jenny with her awesome band-mate Tim and you have a masterpiece!

You can purchase their album at select Hot Topic and F.Y.E stores.
Want to know more about Blameshift and the band's rocking members? Look out for the Q&A I did with them and check out the Blameshift Myspace page @ to hear some of their hot tunes!
Be sure to look out for their new album!
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